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The hottest reentry challenge

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As my eve/gily return probe blew up during reentry at 3 km/s i wondered what the fastest reentry possible would be. so i came up with idea to challenge the community to test this.



payload is Probodobodyne OKTO with mk16 parachute 

reenter kerbin's atmosphere with a periapsis under the ground (pre reentry) 

have settings set to normal in difficulty settings

the only cheats you can use is to set up you trajectory into kerbin and infinite fuel and infinite energy (no atmospheric drag fiddling, no ignore max temp)

your payload must survive to land any thing else you add are allowed to be destroyed 

try and get the fastest speed possible (the fastest speed will be recorded when you hit 70,000 m)

you can use an engine to speed yourself up before you hit the atmosphere 


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