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37 minutes ago, Дом said:

this topic is only and idea i dont know why people want to start controversy on it. its only an idea i cam up with when i done from testing at school.

Isn't it obvious then that it is a controversial idea.

I can get behind adding content that makes Kerbin and other places appear more interesting, like cities, for example. But I still think having places appear populated works just as well (or rather better) without imposing artificial borders and ideologies, and it might even give food for thought to some to see a world that can work without nations and wars.

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4 hours ago, Дом said:

Oh any one quetion why is kerbin so damn small its smaller then the moon.

To make getting into space easier. Orbital velocity in low Earth orbit is ~3.5x what it is in low Kerbin orbit (7.7 km/s vs. 2.2 km/s), and the delta-V required to launch to LEO is ~2.5x the d-V required for LKO (9.3 km/s vs. 3.4 km/s).

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When I made the City Lights map for Environmental Visual Enhancements 7 years ago (!) I used Earth cities as templates. I found a spot I wanted a city on Kerbin, found a city on Earth that had similar landscape, and copied from Earth to Kerbin.

Forever since, I've considered those places on Kerbin to be like (in both culture and history, as well as topography) their Earthly counterparts.


For the curious, the line north of KSC is the Florida coast for obvious reasons. The Iberian-looking peninsula north of "Kerbal Continent" is basically France, with Paris in the middle. The peninsula to the East of KSC is mostly Korea, but the big city north of it is New Orleans. Further East, in the obvious place, is Cairo and right on the far Eastern edge of the map is Istanbul (Constantinople?). Looping around, I don't know what the very first line of lights is on the Western side but the big city just past them is actually New York (mostly Manhattan) and the city above the big crater is Seattle. And finally, the desert peninsula just West of "Kerbal Continent" is actually Lisbon, Portugal but is supposed to represent the Strait of Gibraltar.

In my personal headcanon, there are no real countries but these cities are vibrant, diverse cultural centers of their own. Kerbals don't need countries as they do not fight wars or celebrate any kind of localized pride.

(And speaking of localized pride, I do know that I over-represented the United States in this map. Hey what can I say. I'm only Human)

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No fixed nations having any similarity to the real ones are good in this neutral background template game.

And as any fixed nation will get such similarity from players, so no fixed nations at all.

Also, fixed national territories limit your choice of places and routes.

And what about other planets? They have no national territories by default, and there is more room there.


So, only random/custom communities (call them nations, companies, or agencies) are appropriate,
with dynamically defined borders (like in Civilisation - found a city and claim some land around it as yours if it isn't claimed by another flag).

If you want a combat - use BDArmory.

Also I'm sure the maps above are wrong because I see obvious that KSC is on Zanzibar, the islands are Madagascar, the mountain(s) to the North is Kilimanjaro.
Europe is around the Crater Gulf (which is the North Sea). Norway and Iceland are very, very big here.
The peninsula to the right, across the sea, is Indochina.

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