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Who doesn't like a good KSC race? 

This one is simple: Jeb needs to pee and the only working toilet is in the VAB. He's no layman so he isn't using the front door. Get him from the launchpad to the Helipad atop the VAB ASAP! 

It's just that simple, get from the Launch Pad, to the Helipad in the shortest time. Parachutes are acceptable. Aggressive lithobraking is fine. Kraken driven trebuches are encouraged.


1. Craft is "Manned."

2. Kerbal must arrive alive. 

3. No non-stock parts, DLC okay. 

4. Stock physics. Helper and aesthetic mods are fine. 

5. No cheating: hyperedit, F12, etc. 

The time stops when either; Your craft is moving less than 1.0m/s, or your Kerbal is Standing on the helipad. That's standing, not laying down. 

Videos are always more fun to watch but a pic of your craft on the launchpad followed by a pic of it on the Helipad will do. Make sure you show the time. 


Get creative, I'm guessing this is going to be a very tight race. 

The 5 Second Club: NocCKCUzuKdlVN8pPMRQgLU13mHEEnpQsu7OJD2j

The 10 Second Club:2jjgtjR1xaz3QSRr6BMHetquoyEjnUM4AajcRM-P


Leader-board (Glitch/Kraken):

1. @dnbattley - 2 Seconds



Leader-board (Traditional):

1.  @dnbattley- 4 Seconds

2. @Pro100kerbonaut - 6 Seconds

3. @ZZetho - 11 Seconds

4. @Klapaucius - 16 Seconds



Here is a little inspiration for you guys. I'm sure this time will get stomped pretty quickly. 


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As long as Jeb can stand up, I don't care how he gets there. 

If he is in a command module (or chair), then the timer stops when it stops (less than 1.0 m/s). 

If he is not in a command module, then the timer stops when he is standing on the helipad. 

Parachutes are acceptable. Aggressive lithobraking is fine. Kraken driven trebuches are encouraged. 

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I believe in setting the bar high:


Technique: a combination of thrust glitch to enhance the cannon thrust, air brakes (though as you may note they don't actually finish deploying before the craft has reached the VAB), and the "secret sauce" which is a kraken drive deceleration. The craft was controlled via action sets.

I think this counts as 3 seconds, though it is actually quite hard to tell...

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2 minutes ago, LittleBitMore said:

Why not use the Races mod, which still works in 1.9.1? Set up a race with the finish line right on top of the helipad.

Because that means everyone has to download the mod and set it up. If you want to do that for your entry, go for it. 

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HAHA! I'm glad to see this challenge coming to life. These silly contraptions are exactly what i was hoping for. Updating scoreboard now, and I think I'll divide it into a couple categories. 

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I think this is about 12 seconds, 9 seconds to hit the helipad and 2 to stand up and and extra one in there because why not.

Also the parachutes look different because i have ven's stock revamp but that doesn't change any of the parts physics (i think).

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