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  I've just started a JNSQ campaign.  Looks great!!  But I'm having trouble switching scene into the VAB/SPH.  It's taking ~60 sec to switch to the VAB.  Also when I select parts, instead of it instantly being ready to place, there is about a 2 second delay.  I don't think it is JNSQ.?.  I have a very large mod list, many of which I've never used before.

  I'm going to start analyzing the logs, but what kind of mods would be the biggest culprits at slowing these scene changes down.  Scene changes into/out of places like mission control are fairly instant.  Here is the mod list:

Ran out of memory yesterday (32GB) and got this one of a kind bug (lol):

Usually I have about 12-15 GB available when playing.

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If you say you have issues with the SPH/VAB, the first thing I'd look into are mods that affect those scenes specifically.

Skimming over your mod list, I'd say remove at least those for an initial test

Editor Extensions, ETT and its dependency Yonge Tech Tree, KSP Craft Organizer, Lights Out, MoarFilterExtensions (don't know that one, probably a dependency of something else, remove that too then), UpgradesGUI (don't know that one either, but sounds like it might be editor-related),

possibly also MechJeb, and maybe Default Action Groups. I couldn't see Engineer, if you have that, I'd say it's another candidate.

Lists like those are more readable when in text format, such that one can use text search tools... maybe for the next time ; )

There are quite a few I don't know, but that might be a starting point.


An additional tip, free of charge: if you replace the "?dl=0" part at the end of your dropbox links with "?dl=1", the files will start to download directly, without having to go through DropBox' web interface. It seems glaringly obvious to me, but somehow most Dropbox links I see out there use the non-download link for files that are usually intended to be downloaded...

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