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Transporting a Base


Any idea on how I can launch this base to The Mun?


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You could try

Brute force it: Slapping boosters on the side of the base and bring it to the mun on a single launch(make sure to add a few structural parts to avoid the whole thing colapsing on take off).


You could try launching each module separately, sure this might take longer but it could save you from rapid-unplanned-disasembly 

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Landing that in one piece might be tougher than launching it.

I see you're using KPBS parts. My usual method for building such bases is to launch the base in linear sections, with KPBS retractable wheels and some form of docking port at the end of each linear section. Launch in sections, land in sections, then roll parts together on the ground to assemble a large base.


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Moar Boosters! </rabid fanboy voice>

With Style</smooth sauve voice>

depends, how attached are you to real-life looking rockets? And how much work are you willing to do when you get there? Mods?

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Thanks for the answers. I'll try the brute-force method with the base folded up using BG, then unfold and dock the base on the surface.

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With enough fins and reaction wheels, you can get anything to space. 

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If you're going to fold it lose the struts and either rely on Autostruts (carefully, I just attach the tip of each module to the core with an autostrut) or use KAS/KIS struts that can be placed and removed by a Kerbonaut.

Once you start folding it you'll see where it can be easily modularised and launched/landed in separate parts, but you then either need mobile modules, a separate crane/rover to move them around, or get very good at precision landings.


What mods are you using?  There's a few parts there I don't recognise.

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I got it to land on the Mun, thanks for the help. Had to get some quick science for a 5m fairing.






Also, these are my mods:

  • Alternis Kerbol
  • B9PartSwitch
  • BasicDeltaV
  • BetterBurnTime
  • BetterTimeWarp
  • blackheart rocket stickers
  • BonVoyage
  • Chatterer
  • Community Category Kit, Resource Pack, Tech Tree, and Trait Icons
  • Contract Configurator
    • GAP
    • Bases and Stations
    • Tourism
  • CraftManager
  • DockRotate
  • EasyVesselSwitch
  • EVE
    • SciFi Visual Enhancements + custom modifications for Alternis
  • Extraplanetary Launchpads
    • SimpleConstruction (removes the normal EL parts and instead implements the function in stock parts)
  • Firespitter
  • ForScience
  • HullCameraVDS
  • Interstellar Fuel Switch
  • KAS
  • Kerbal Engineer
  • Kerbal Hacks KIS Props
  • Kerbal Konstructs
  • Kerbal Reusability Expansion
  • KerbinSide
  • KIS
  • Kopernicus
  • Kronometer
  • Mechjeb
  • MechJeb and Engineer for All
  • Mining Expansion
  • Mk2 and Mk3 Expansions
  • Modular Launch Pads
  • Near Future
    • Construction
    • Electrical
    • Solar
    • Spacecraft
  • FinalFrontier
  • Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
  • Portrait Stats
  • Real Plume +Stock configs
  • Restock
  • Restock Plus
  • SCANsat
  • Science Relay
  • Sigma Dimensions
  • Soundtrack Editor
  • Squad (very important mod)
  • Squad Expansion (both DLCs)
  • Stage Recovery
  • Station Keeping
  • Station Parts Expansion Redux
  • Texture Replacer
    • Calm Nebula skybox
  • Trajectories
  • TooManyOrbits
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • TweakScale
  • Universal Storage 2
  • UnKerballed Start
  • Waypoint Manager


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