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What could be in the next dlc

What should be in the next DLC  

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  1. 1. What should be in the next DLC

    • More planets further from the sun along with things to explore them E.G. larger nuclear engines and ion drives, nuclear reactors, bigger antennas, xenon refinery, life support(they can still live for a year in a capsule
    • Bases being useful E.G mining operations where you can get rare stuff to send back to kerbin, Nuclear reactors and xenon refinery as well(so moho and tylo bases work without insane amounts of batteries), Colonization mechanics
    • Space stations having a use e.g science and funds over time, orbit specific experiments that need time to run
    • being able to launch from other planets if a launchpad is set up there
    • life support and colonization
    • other, if other write down below
  2. 2. should there be a new dlc

    • Yes
    • No

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Life support would be cool too, I would like it very simple: Kerbals consume supplies and EC and need basic living requirements, the MK1 command pod gives living requirement 1, MK1-3 gives requirement 2, Hitchhiker module give 3 as do all passenger modules, there will be a long term living version of Hitchhiker that will contain beds and built in supply containers, this gives requirement 4. Breaking ground owners will get a rotating ring part that gives requirement 5 and can hold up to 20 kerbals. A kerbals requirement will increase as it spends time away from home, after 1 day it wants requirements greater than 1, after 10 days greater than 2, after 30 days greater than 3, after 60 days greater than 4, after 600 days greater than 5, if a kerbal goes EVA on a surface its requirement will decrease, the lower its requirement the faster it decreases, if a kerbal has exceeded the max living quality of its living modlue for more than a day then it will refuse to work, you can make the kerbal work by giving it funds or if the kerbal request EVA, which it will sometimes do if on a surface, let them go on EVA. If the copula module is attached to a crew compartment it will double the amount of days it takes the kerbal to reach the next living requirement. You can also unlock freezing kerbals in the late game which will make them consume no supplies and very little EC and freeze their days in space time, but it will be one of the expensive techs like rtg's. You can store kerbal waste and convert it to supplies like in life support mods and create supplies through isru. If a kerbal runs out of supply's or EC it will die 2 days later, all of these features would be in the difficulty settings. 

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26 minutes ago, catloaf said:

Adding clouds and more realistic atmospheres would be great, EVE and scatterer are fine but they break every update (im still on 1.8 due to my dependency on those mods) a dlc that added those mods features would be nice, more realistic plumes and better lighting would also be welcome changes. If it were a 15 dollar dlc like the previous ones, this would necessitate better features like post processing (KS3P exists but the 1.8 beta often doesn't work and it is still on 1.7) and volumetric clouds (which don't even exist in mods,) the mentioned mods do a great job and I don't think this dlc will hurt them, kopernicus support and people who don't want to spend money would still create plenty of downloads, however giving people the option to pay for a (hopefully) less buggy version that updates with the game would be great. 

Why not make it a "mini" DLC?--charge a little to generate income, but this would be much simpler than something like Breaking Ground or Making History so it would not need to be so pricey.  I'd pay $3-5 for that.

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On 5/13/2020 at 12:34 PM, Klapaucius said:

Why not make it a "mini" DLC?--charge a little to generate income, but this would be much simpler than something like Breaking Ground or Making History so it would not need to be so pricey.  I'd pay $3-5 for that.

Volumetric clouds and post processing take a lot of work and justify the 15 $ price tag, if it just had EVE and scatterer features than I would agree with you. When I say volumetric clouds I mean clouds like the ones in a cinematic Minecraft shader like Continuum. in my mind this dlc would be better than visual mods adding other features like parallax mapping, normal and specular maps, bump mapping and global illumination. This is what I feel a dlc should be anyway, basic clouds should be stock but cinematic shaders don't fit in the base game, however they would be appreciated, either for single diget fps for screenshots, or turning off some features for people who want the game to look amazing at the sacrifice of performance. I fall into this category as even my largest ships never have part counts over 500. Also only doing what mods have already done would generate a lot of hate for squad, if your suggestion happens we would definitely see another dlc hate vid from Gameslinx and this would further smear the reputation of the dlc's. The dlc's should offer content not in mods or content better than what is provided by mods.



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