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Fuel tank offset



I've got back into KSP after watching Colonel Failure's videos. I'm trying to build some craft and it seems that some of the fuel tanks are broken, as shown below:


Here is my mod list:


It seems this only happens for a select few tanks; the FL-T100 is fine, for example. Does anyone know if this is a mod causing this issue and, if so, what mod it is?


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I have the exact same problem.
It only applies to the stock FL tanks, and it seems that larger the tank, the more offset there is.

I too have my build of KSP heavily modded, and strongly suspect one of the mods to be the culprit.
I tried removing a few of them of which affected the tanks (like FuelTanks Plus and Interstellar Fuel Switch) but to no avail. :(

I'll try to tinker a bit more, and will post the result, if any.



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