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KSP Loading… A huge Celestial Body revamp


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Honestly, I would not be mad at all if this isn't an April Fools joke and Jool becomes orange.

What I liked about NovaSilisko's revamped system a lot was white Jool. Just because it was bright and shiny and looked really nice in the sky.

Even if it stays dark-ish green it could use some brighter contrasting cloud bands.

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13 hours ago, xxendurancexx said:

Maybe you could include a storm like the great red spot

I'd actually rather they didn't, and I don't like it when other Jool mods/textures do.  To me, at least, that particular feature is defining and indelibly connected to our own Jupiter.  Other gas giants have storms, even large ones, but the GRS says "Jupiter" (to me).  Put it on Jool and I can't see anything but "recolored copy and paste of Jupiter."  Let Jool be its own thing, please.

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there are three types of people reading the post.

Wth why would u do this” people

”nice April fools joke! Almost fell for it lol” people

”yes but recolor it to green thx” people 

“this looks nice tho it’s probably April fools”

”this is April fools”

On 4/4/2020 at 11:41 AM, xxendurancexx said:

Maybe you could include a storm like the great red spot

nahhhhh... I’m not feeling it. Jool is fine. A Great <insert color here, probably black> spot doesn’t fit Jool. Planets have been around since, like, 1.16, and I’m too used to green Jool (0.23 baby!) to ever be comfortable with a spot on Jool. The HD textures and the early revamps (cratered Mun, less blurry everything, BROWN MOHO, THANK GOD) are subtle enough, and detailed clouds is a turn for the better, but a spot on Jool doesn’t feel right.

On 4/1/2020 at 11:48 AM, RoninFrog said:

It needs a great big smiley face always facing the kraken on Bop.

c h a r a  j o o l

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18 hours ago, canisin said:

Wow this is very beatiful, April fools or not, I would love to see this in game!

now adding the “I like it, but it’s probably April Fools people”


now following this thread to see the late reactions

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On 4/1/2020 at 11:40 AM, Bill Phil said:

Interesting. Looks neat.

Maybe it’d be good for Halloween? A giant space pumpkin?

the Halloween holiday mod


orange cheddar Jool

Bop has a substantially bigger Kraken now with an evil Chara smiley

KSC has pumpkin rockets

special holiday costumes for Kerbals: Pumpkin (classic), Pumpkin (Jool), Pumpkin (carved), Rocket, Ghost, *template for your own, yay!!!*, Matt Lowne, Kraken, Mun, Zombie, and Jeb

pumpkin bomb part: explodes on command. 

“This piece of holiday festivities will brighten your day... as well as space!“

Pumpkin Rocket: small SRB that is painted like a pumpkin


Pumpkin Pod: large inline pumpkin: holds 3

“When we asked the part designers about why they made this dripping pumpkin that was a factor of irritation and nothing else, they replied: The KSP simply does not have enough shades of orange.”

Pumpkin colored buildings.


DEPENDENCIES (not included unless downloaded with CKAN): MM


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