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[1.8.1] Toshnika Star System

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This really needs a better name.


This mod is still a work in progress, this version is being released mainly for feedback. Anyway, this is a simple exoplanet mod, working in much the same way as Extrasolar, with a star orbiting Kerbol at great distance, making for reasonable computer resource usage, and a balanced and believable (to kerbal scale at least) distance.

As a planet pack, this requires Kopernicus  to work.




Jebediah's Star


'Jebediah's Star has been known for a long time. It was discovered only recently, however, that the yellow star was very close to Kerbol, dancing along the edge of its SOI. Astronomers have noted periodic dimming and gravitational wobbles, indicating the presense of exoplanets.'

SMA: 90076165843942m (Kerbol)

Inclination: 0

Radius: 45,785km

Rotation: 20 days



mbPD29c.pngSurtr is what is know as a 'hot Jool', a large gas planet orbiting close to its star. Surtr also appears to have a ring of dark rock, possibly from the breakup of a moon.'

SMA 1293455354m (Jebediah's Star)

Inclination: 3.38

Radius: 12,515km

Rotation: 17 d, 5h, 15m




'Marek is a moon around Surtr, made of igneous rock. The surface is torn and nearly molten due to tidal forces and extreme proximity to Jebediah's Star.'

SMA: 100671402m (Surtr)

Inclination: 0

Radius: 120km

Rotation 4d, 1h, 1m




'Foz is a large moon around Surtr. It is considerably less active than Marek, but still very hot.'

SMA: 170714020 (Surtr)

Inclination: 0

Rotation 5d, 51m




'Arrate is a warm ocean world around Jebediah's Star. Atmospheric spectrometry indicates an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen, much like Kerbin. There is however a strange spectral line, indicating a large amount of helium in the air.'

SMA: 3968530059m (Jebediah's Star)

Inclination: 0

Radius: 750km

Rotation: 6d, 1h, 27m


Jeb looking at starset from Arrate's Plateu


 There are some known issues, such as the fact that  terrain looks wrong from orbit. This is because I didn't add proper texturing for the scaled version, still working on that.


Update listing


1.1: Added Surtr and its moons Marek and Foz. Fixed a few issues, such as atmosphere and ocean inconsistencies with Arrate.

1.0: First Release!



More planets

Make terrain look nicer

Fix bugs

Science messages






Better Time Warp Continued

KSP Interstellar Extender or another high-tech rocket mod.

Compatible (Tested):






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