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Jebediah A Kerbal Story 30min. Cinematic-Movie

Oraldo revak

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Hello, it's been a long time ;)

Ever wonder how Jebediah became so iconic ? Here is the answer ! 


Jebediah A Kerbal Story is a 30minutes "Cinematic-Movie" available in English Voiced
kerbalish Voiced with English subtitles and English voiced with French subtitles.

Please feel free to give your thoughts. 

If you like it, please consider to subscribe because more Cinematic is scheduled 
both on Ksp 1 & Ksp 2.

Thank you.

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7 hours ago, Mukita12 said:

I need your secret to get that VAB, Mission Control, and SPH Tower View

There's no secret unfortunately. 


The Vab is green screen, and WASD moving in the Vab, and some editing with software https://ibb.co/b6cpKqc  / https://ibb.co/ftjYQMd

The control room is a craft I built and place above the already existing buildings https://ibb.co/DCRVG8Y  

And the control tower is a big tower I built with a room on top of it , and I placed it next to the control tower, and only useed for the inside shot. https://ibb.co/TgGqVjD / https://ibb.co/gSTdVPZ



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