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I wonder what planets (except for Kerbin of course) are going to remain in KSP2


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And a damn good thing too. By now the Kerbol system represents an entire lore which I would hate to see changed.

Of course, new things are welcome. Maybe a moon  here or there or more diversity with the asteroids. Comets would be great too. Planetoids. Belts. 

Oh and rings!

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On 4/3/2020 at 1:46 PM, cubinator said:

Duna is destroyed by a massive laser and reduced to an asteroid field, Laythe crashes into Tylo, and Bop becomes a moonmoon of the new Laylo. /s

this sounds like something straight out of Half-Life2 ep3.

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3 hours ago, cubinator said:

No, that would be a Dyson sphere and portals (dunno if you've read Epistle 3), and if half of Kerbin's ocean was drained away.

I have not, but  my argument still stands

Half Life 3: Kerbalkind Ascends

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