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PS4 Making History Space Shuttle.

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It took me a long time and alot of trial and error. But i got it. Im on ps4 so obviously no mods here. I figured out how to stop the craft from flipping after dropping tank by setting to turn off my 2 tilted vectors and only leave the one straight one on at that point. Im proud i got it to fly without having to even touch the stick so i made a video.


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By the way know im not on a good trajectory in this this video i wanted to see how it did without touching throttle or stick and it worked flawlessly . I have noticed there are obviously not too many good players on ps4, as the trophies for visiting jools moons and returning have a percentage of players of 0.4  and even 0.3 on one. The patches you get for them are neat.

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When I tried to build a space shuttle I saw an explosion that seemed more a Saturn V that crashed on the ground. I say this because Jeb, Bill and Bob saw that from a near perspective. They actually survived!

However, good job!

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On 5/17/2020 at 1:11 AM, Lewie said:

we don't have 1.7 yet too...sigh...maybe someday...I can't wait for 1.7-1.9 but it's going to be a pain...

I have revamps from 1.7... but I have ksp on xbox one

but no 1.8


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