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(Realism Overhaul, Procedural Fairings) Inducement of unpredictable torque upon procedural interstage decoupler engagement


Hello. I am currently using KSP 1.7.3.

The mods that concern this issue are as follows:

- Realism Overhaul (not likely)

- ROTanks

- Procedural Fairings

- Procedural Fairings, For Everything

Though I will be referring specifically to the process of MECO and first stage detachment, this issue occurs in every instance at which an interstage is used in such a fashion.

Consider the usual launch vehicle, with an ROTanks first and second stage. Upon the first stage rests a procedural ribbed interstage. To the detachment node of this interstage is attached a procedural parts thrust plate (engines irrelevant), which itself is appended  to an ROTanks second stage. The second stage has an SIVB engine mount, which is considered to be part of the tank and is the result of an option that comes with ROTanks. The gap between the ribbed interstage and second stage is covered with a procedural fairing.

Now, consider the following scenario:

Upon MECO, the inert first stage is detached (as per usual). Both elements of the aforementioned interstage - the ribbed interstage and the procedural fairing - are decoupled simultaneously. Upon this event, the second stage enters into a spin from which it may take minutes to recover with the currently installed attitude control thrusters.

The above description occurs on all launch vehicles. Observe the example below, wherein I disable ascent guidance and simply allow the second stage to attempt to kill rotation:

[video-to-gif output image]

Of course, were I to keep guidance engaged, the RL10A4s would have ignited and recentered the stage.

Upon inspection, I have come to the conclusion that this issue is a result of part clipping: the interstage fairings clip into the mount and bottom of the second stage wall. Upon decoupling, the fairings and second stage tank become two separate objects, violently snapping out of each other's collision boxes upon the slightest movement. As the volume of overlap between the fairings and tank is relatively small, this effect puts the second stage into a spin rather than ending in the usually destructive collision box glitch. I have reached this conclusion upon launching the second stage with no fairings. Note how my first attempts to alleviate this issue included splitting the fairings into two sections, decoupling them from the first stage, and placing eight retrograde thrusters onto the first stage. As you can see, this did not work.

The issue is that, at this point, I am at a loss of what to do. Were this to be another issue, I would be able to alter a setting or game configuration and solve it. However, as collision boxes are a core game mechanic, do not know how to proceed. Of course, I know that this issue can be fixed, as everyone else on these forums seem to be able to create interstages that do not produce torque  upon detachment.

If anyone replies to this, thank you for your help.

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