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Which Real-life engines do you think KSP rocket engines are based off?

Selective Genius

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Apart from the Making History engines, what real life engines could have been the inspiration for KSP engines? Like, if we were to scale the Kerbal world to 10x, and change the mass of fuel tanks accordingly, how would you change the parameters of the engines? Which IRL engines' data would be the basis of your changes to the KSP engines?

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Vector- RS-25 engine from the Space Shuttle (and more recently re-used on the SLS). The vector is even called the KS-25 after it.

Juno jet engine- named after the Jumo engine that powered the Me-262 and other WW2 German jet aircraft. (Ironically, the Kerbal version is actually less explodey than the real one; the Jumo was notoriously unreliable and prone to self-destructing!)

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@Selective Genius While the planetary system is 1/10 scale, the parts are actually somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 scale (it varies). You can see this in the Making History Saturn V fuel tanks, which are 5m in diameter, compared to the real Saturn V which is 10m (approximately). If KSP's parts were actually 1/10, then the real Saturn V would be 50m in diameter, which is completely excessive (Most IRL rockets are shorter than that lengthwise :P). KSP's scaling is a bit of a mess - the stock parts are actually balanced for use in a 1/4 scale solar system rather than 1/10.

20 hours ago, Hebzepbiah Kerman said:

Mastodon - F-1

Rhino -  J-2X

Mammoth - SLS Main

Wolfhound - Apollo SM

Skiff - J-2

Pollux - Space Shuttle SRB

RK-7 - Soyuz Family Engines

Cub - Soyuz side engines

Bobcat - Titan II First Stage

Cheetah - Titan II Second Stage

And many, many more!

I would add:

Vector - RS-25 (Space Shuttle Main Engine)

Mainsail - Vulcain (Ariane first stage engine)

Clydesdale (and Kickback, though it isn't properly scaled) - Space Shuttle SRBs

There's probably more, but I can't think of any right now.

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On 4/3/2020 at 9:54 PM, RoninFrog said:

It says which engine on the wiki for Making History engines.


Down in the Trivia section (this is the Mastodon), it says "The engine was inspired by the American F-1 engine."

The trivia is incredibly helpful, it just really doesn't work for some engines. (Mainsail does not say real-life vulcain.)

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13 hours ago, HansonKerman said:

my question is-

the Reliant






To be incredibly honest, most of the stock KSP engines are just made-up engines. The panther jet might just be any old jet engine, but the Terrier is good for Apollo LM ascent stage.

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