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Trouble with Unity + KSP Part Tool

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Hello guys! 

A couple days ago, I decided to try to make a cabin for the Soyuz spacecraft models, download UNITY (v2019.2.2f1) and PartTools as written here: 

But i have two big problem :(
First: TMPro is not available at the link provided on the topic
Second: When I start Unity and try to open stock Mk-1 Pod Cockpit, I get this (look at the screenshot) and lot of errors without any props/intruments 





P.S KSP installed from Steam, and totally stock, without mods.
P.P.S Sorry for my english :( 

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I will send you tomorrow a link for TMPro. 

Yet I want resume my work on IVA too and I have exactly the same issue with prop. I think our problem is due to a PartTool failure but I am not qualified for solve it. If you find a solution share it please. 

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Hi ! @Nick_D @synapse187


In the opening post of this thread you can get TMPro (step 2 of edit 2).

However I don't have fixed the issue with prop, If anybody find a tips :)

Edit : @synapse187 I saw your post, I think you will need to get an older version of Unity to use PartTools ( the creator suggest Unity 2019.2.2f1) but try with your versions. Maybe  it will fox the prop issue, I don't know.

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