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It would be very helpful to have parts that work as thrust diverters and tubes so that we can move air to other parts of aircraft. A good example of this is with jets like the F-35B (can be seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woBLPwEmQW8), where tubes are ran out through the wings for roll control. I know this could be difficult to do, given the physics engine, but I was thinking that you could attach them directly to the end of an engine and simply make the thrust come from the end of the tube. In order to balance them in terms of power, perhaps they could have a loss in efficiency; such as having them give ~80-90% of the overall thrust?


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9 hours ago, KingDominoIII said:

I'd be all for this. VTOLs require either rotating engines or thrust diverters to be dV efficient, and the current robotic parts are too floppy (at least in my experience) to mount an engine to. 

They're a bit floppy, but you can still work with them well enough.



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