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Congratulations on your entry @Kerminator1000, and a solid first effort to pass out of Orbit Boot Camp. Thank you for providing a detailed screenshot mission report of your timeless and classic 'pointy end goes up' design.

Onto the honours: you are awarded the Kerbin Crescent, adorned with Zircon Chevron, Amber Leaves and Onyx Eyes. You may use the OBC Signature Patch if you wish, and your name and vessel will be recorded on the Honour Roll. 

Well done! And good luck with your future entries.

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I just tried to skim this entire thread. Wow... so many interesting entries. Thanks for managing this @Chequers

I think my ship is fairly unique: it uses only solid rocket engines. @Pds314 in mid April didn't use LF either but used MP to power the final stage. I probably missed some. 

Ship: Full Throttle Science

10 parts with thermometer

Initial cost: :funds:4940

Recovered :funds:2102 (96.6%)

Net :funds:2838

Performed temperature scan while "in space high" at 692 km

Imgur post with captions HERE.


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Congratulations, @Krazy1 on what is indeed an ambitious and unconventional entry into Orbit Boot Camp. Throwing caution (and control) to the wind, you've opted for a daring SRB only entry; which looks as weird as it does wonderful. Being able to achieve some additional adornments alongside this feat is impressive!

Thanks for documenting your entry with screenshots, it was a joy to read through your mission report, and we're all very impressed here at the OBC Committee.

Onto the honours. You successfully pass out of Orbit Boot Camp with your vessel, 'Full Throttle Science'. You are awarded the Kerbin Crescent, adorned with Zircon Chevron, Silver Claw (with Kelvin Ribbon), and Amber Leaves. Your name and vessel will be recorded on the Honour Roll, and you can use the Orbit Boot Camp Badge in your signature if you like.

Congratulations, and thanks for taking part!

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My second entry for committee consideration.

Ship: Goo for Two

2 crew, goo (surprised?) and tech level 4

Initial cost: :funds:9916

Recovered :funds:>5000

Net :funds:4916 

Although throttle was used this time, dubious safety was maintained: the second stage was initially losing speed. 

Observed goo while "in space high". Full gallery with captions HERE

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In quick succession, @Krazy1 has launched another daring mission for OBC! Congratulations on trying a new approach, and utilising a good portion of the recovery budget to keep the cost below :funds:5,000, whilst still snagging a couple of additional adornments. Another unconventional design is used here, and we always appreciate a unique approach. Some lovely screenshots in your mission report, too - thanks for sharing.

Your entry, 'Goo for Two' earns the  Silver Claw (with Observational Ribbon), Onyx Eyes and Vermilion Heart. Your latest entry will be added to the Honour Roll - Congratulations!

Edited by Chequers
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2 hours ago, Chequers said:

Your entry, 'Goo for Two' earns the  Silver Claw (with Observational Ribbon) and Vermilion Heart. Your latest entry will be added to the Honour Roll - Congratulations!

Kind words from the committee. But I appeal for Onyx Eyes as well for tech level <=4 parts. 

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And my own entry for Orbit Boot Camp.  17 parts, which consists of:

  • Mk-1 Command Pod
  • Mk16 Parachute
  • Mk12-R Radial Mount Drogue Chute (2)
  • Z-200 Rechargeable Battery
  • Advanced Inline Stabilizer
  • FL-T400 Liquid Fuel Tank (6)
  • Reliant Liquid Fuel Engine
  • Basic Fin (4)

Nothing there is above Tech Level 4, so I believe that this also qualifies for the Onyx Eyes Adornment.  If I had read things a bit more carefully, I could have earned one or more Silver Claw Ribbons...but now I have something to shoot for on the next launch!

VAB cost of 7,790, with a recovery cost of 3,424.  This is an SSTO, and the only parts not recovered are the fins (they blew up on re-entry).  If I can get @Chequers to validate this please!  And screenshots of my proof!




Edited by Popestar
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Here's my submission for lowest recovery cost, with a net cost of 123.44 funds to bring a kerbal from the KSC, to orbit, and back to the KSC. Cost in VAB is 8229 funds, with 8105.5 recovered.

Ascent profile is pretty simple. Hold pitch up until you're pointed up 25 degrees. At 550 m/s set SAS to prograde. When the jet flames out, activate the spark. When apoapsis is above 70 km, cut throttle and circularize at 70 km.


Note: Since I land at the runway I get 100% recovery value, so the only cost is fuel cost. 129.89 liquid fuel used, and 108.53 oxidizer used.

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Same craft, same ascent profile, but launching with 10 fewer units of liquid fuel. Net launch cost 120.07 funds

Since this is reusable, the only cost is fuel cost. For the jet phase this is determined by drag and heat. For the rocket phase this is determined by mass. This means that there are a couple possible optimizations to capitalize on:
-Make the fairing narrower while still occluding all the key parts (reduce mass and potentially reduce fairing drag)
-Figure out how to manage without the control surface at the front and use reaction wheel torque for everything
-Replace the small wings with basic fins (but this could run into heat problems at the end of jet phase)
-Get more speed out of the jet somehow (same problem)
-Find a more efficient ascent profile (this is limited by the fact that you want to be facing directly prograde as much as possible to minimize drag, so the entire ascent profile is dictated by the first ~10 seconds of flight)

Edited by camacju
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Posted (edited)
On 12/31/2020 at 8:33 AM, Souptime said:

are mods allowed?

Mods that simply are visual enhancements are fine. Any mods that add parts, change gameplay, or enhance performance are not allowed.


@Popestar - Great to see out 2020 with an exciting Boot Camp entry! Your entry certainly looks like it qualifies - would you like to name it before I add your name, vessel and adornments to the honour roll?


@camacju - Congratulations on your entry, 'Sapphire' - it's always great to see an SSTO entry; while they often cost a bit more to create, they're great for recovering a good chunk of the funds. Bear in mind, you can recover up to :funds:5,000 for the purposes of calculating the overall cost of your mission. Was the launch cost :funds:8,229? Once confirmed, I'll get your entry added to the honour roll.



Edited by Chequers
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I will be entering a second time here, this time to get to 10 parts.  I tried once this morning, but I came in too hot and lost the major recoverable part.  But I'm pretty sure I can land this puppy in the water without losing the engine.  Stay tuned for Hot zbuttered Asprini II!

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Posted (edited)

UPDATE: With a few more entries recently, I've updated the Signature Patch to remove the white background, as the background colour of forum posts has changed. I'd recommend updating your link.


@Popestar, thank you for providing a great name for your first entry into the Orbit Boot Camp challenge. Your rocket has a classic, timeless design - with the pointy bit at the top. That'll make the less unconventional of the OBC committee happy. Onto the honours!

For your entry, 'Hot Buttered Aspirin', you successfully pass out of Orbit Boot Camp and are awarded the Kerbin Crescent. For keeping below Tech Level 4, you also earn the Onyx Eyes additional adornment. We're looking forward to reviewing future entries.  Your name and vessel have been recorded on the Honour Roll.

Congratulations! Feel free to use the Signature Patch if you wish.


@camacju, On reviewing your entry, it appears that you've used some... let's say 'interesting' part clipping techniques in your entry.  We're not sure what wizardry you've used with some of the undercarriage which doesn't appear to be attached to anything! If you're able to complete the challenge without the use of part clipping, the OBC committee will be happy to take another look.

Edited by Chequers
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Fun challenge. The base game doesn't give you much reason to care about cost.

I made this easy 6 part rocket. I'm not going to check, but I bet a lot of entries look similar. Cost is 2575 minus 990 recovered. I burned up the fuel tank on reentry which seems like bad form, but it was necessary to manuever over KSC. Today I learned that you can steer through atmosphere incredibly well with just a MK1 capsule. I hadn't realized the drag physics modelling was that comprehensive.






After that I made a second attempt with some added complexity. I didn't see anything about docking with and landing with a stranded vessel, so I thought I would try being the first. It could technically be considered not a single mission, so whether or not it's valid or how scoring works I wouldn't know.

I accepted a contract to rescue Halfield in an 81x93km orbit. It wasn't easy but I reached him and docked with 1 ox remaining. I used that to burn down to a periapsis of 65km. Bounced a couple times and then entered smoothly. Launch cost was 4338, funds recovered were 1238 from me and 1179 from Hal's cockpit. I had thought this might be a neat rescue vehicle for future operations, but the delta-v margin is too much trouble.









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Welcome and congratulations @InfernoSD on your entry into Orbit Boot Camp. I'm not sure I've seen a console player take this challenge on yet, so you could well be the first! You'd be surprised how unique each entry is - I'm confident your design hasn't been done before! Well done also on completing a rescue mission as part of your entry, you're correct in that you're the first - though there isn't an additional adornment for that at present. Impressive nonetheless!

Onto the honours. Your first vessel, '6PartBoot' earns you the Kerbin Crescent, adorned with Zircon Chevron and Amber Leaves. 

Your second vessel, 'tugboot' is awarded the Zircon Chevron, and after deliberation with the OBC committee, also earns you the Vermillion Heart, for creative use of using two Kerbals as part of the mission. Your final mission cost will not take into account the recovery of Hal's capsule, however.

Your name and entries will be added to the Honour Roll. Congratulations! Feel free to use the OBC signature badge if you'd like to.




14 hours ago, Popestar said:


Thank you!  I shall display the badge with pride and honor!

Also, I will be finishing up a second entry to get to 10 parts today!

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it!

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On 1/18/2021 at 12:56 PM, ffx said:

Can you use sandbox mode?

Technically, yes - but it would be hard to figure out how much your vessel cost - and how many funds you were able to recover after the mission. 

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