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What Was the First Mod You Installed for KSP?


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I was browsing some mod with today and saw to my surprise the mod Kethane was still being supported after all this time. It was then that I remembered when I first started modding KSP with it likely being the first. So what was the first mod you added to KSP? Is it still supported after all this time or has it been lost to time?

For me the first mods I installed where as follows.

  1. Kethane.

Still an active mod that I haven't played with in ages. But now that I have some time I may pick it up again.


  1. BobCat's DEMVs and Garage.

These where fun little rovers that seem to have been lost to time. Something to do with licencing I believe. But they were great when you couldn't build your own. Here's a link I found for an attempt at rebooting on of the mods. Doesn't look like it succeeded unfortunately.


  1. Mech-Jeb.

My faithful companion. While have learned sense the first time I used it how to properly fly it's still nice to just let it do the work every so often. Especially on resupply missions to stations.


So what where your first mod to install? Feel free to add to this. Also I'm still learning how to properly work on a forum so do give me a heads up if I grate on your nerves with my formatting or something. At least if this thread doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

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I have no idea.

I just read through my first posts (Back through July 2013) and in July I mentioned that I wasn't using mods, and in August I mentioned that I liked one called "Subassembly Manager" which I remember. It was basically the mod version of what we have today in the stock game for subassemblies, though it was a bit kludgy if I recall. I don't know for sure that it's the first mod I installed, but it's at least ONE OF the first.

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... That's  a hard one. 

Might have been the origional cart mod. It might have been mechjeb. It might have been the origional KAS. I remember these from pretty early on


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Oooo, I actually remember this one!


All the way back in 0.23 (or 0.23.5 perhaps?) this was the very first mod I installed - without Kopernicus, mods that changed the planets were fairly rare back then, so it was pretty special, especially considering it was made by an ex-developer! There's a more recent version here:


I'm pretty sure the second mod I installed was PlanetFactory, which surprisingly mostly worked on top of Alternis Kerbol.

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my first mod? oh that's easy. MechJeb. I remember my first day or two way back in the dusty days of 0.21 and the unmitigated frustration of never quite being able to safely dock. Oh sure I could get close to my target but, never quite safely to it. Either I would ram the poor thing or be so low on fuel that docking was nigh impossible. Found a video on mechjeb and never ever looked back. 

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KAS. The EVA stuff was cool, this was back before it was split into KIS, so yeah! It was fun to play around with the cranes in 0.23.5

On 4/8/2020 at 12:15 PM, Richy teh space man said:

Anomaly finder (forget the exact name


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