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What Was the First Mod You Installed for KSP?

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Probably Kerbal Engineer, then I'd guess at SCANsat and RemoteTech.  they've then continued to be my standard mods until my current game wich my my fist try without RemoteTech since before KerbNet was introduced

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KAC. And for quite a long time it was the only mod I was using.

It was absolutely critical, in order to let us launch more flights while the first was still doing its Minmus transfer. After all, you cannot just lock your people at homes for days, telling them to come back to work when... wait.. no. Forget it.:/

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Havent been playing very long but after watching some streams and guides the first few mods were

1: ReStock

2: Scatterer/EVE

3: Chatterer

Mainly wanted the game to look good to start of... have since added some of the more popular parts packs but I'm still very much a new player havent made it further then Mun/Minmus yet :blush:

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