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cleardot.gifHi KSP community ... regards from Serbia
I have challenge that I will be glad to watch.

1. make a Jet no more then 30 parts. (NO futuristic mods)
2. Fly no more then 200 m above ground 
3. Time starts when you throttle up and stop when you land back on KSC runwey.
4. Flight need to be in specific pattern (LINK attached with pic.)
5. Fly thru 1st. gate and do so 3 times
6. When finished 3 laps, go for island runwey...just touch and go (you can raise altitude going for island and back)
7. Land on KSC runwey, when full stop the plane time stops... (OK...Landing The Airplane must be intact, You can drift away from runwey but stay whole!)
Best time wins...! 
This is challenge for balanced power, weight, maneuverability and pilot skill... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10221855926125140&set=a.1160181682536&type=3&theater  ...link for picture

BEST TIME: ralanboyle - 3:51
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error link for pic.
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There appears to be a problem with your link. I clicked it and got an error, I also copy and pasted it and got an error. 

Also, does the time stop at 0.0m/s or less than 1.0m/s? Many races stop the time at less then 1.0m/s since landing gear can be wobbly. 

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11 hours ago, ivanpanon said:

Nice...myb to use afterburner when turning...
 My time 4:08

The rules say no more than 200m above the ground.  Something's fishy with the altimeter when you takeoff from the island... :P

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6 minutes ago, ralanboyle said:

3:51 is the new score to beat. I bet a 3:00 time is possible but I doubt I have the skill to do it.

That landing was awesome.  You should get bonus points for a 360.

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