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[1.3.x - 1.8.x Kopernicus] Gene's Star Remaster, Barnard's Star Analog for Kopernicus


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Welcome to the Gene's Star Remaster Mod. This is an attempt to remaster the Barnard's Star analog mod for later versions, and to give to compatability settings to effectively work alongside other star system mods such as Galaxies Unbound.

The pack is focused around a single star system. There are 27 bodies included in the final package. All of the planets are getting new textures alongside EVE and Scatterer Support. A few of the bodies in the mod are being remade to better support realism and make the mod more interesting and the system more appealing.








KerbolKurves (if another star system mod is not installed, included in DL)

EVE (if clouds are wanted)

Scatterer (if enhanced atmospheric graphics and sunflares are wanted)

Current Status: Released, update 1.1 queued

Special Thanks to:

@NickRoss120 for originally developing the mod, and letting me continue development

@Mythical Donuts for helping with PQS and VertexHeightOblate

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported


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