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100% STOCK Moho Surface Research Base!

Jamie Logan

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In this time of solitude, I bring to you:


Moho Operational Research Permanent Habitation Experiment Utility Station




The KSC has kindly asked Jeb and co. to put together a Moho research base, so this is what I'm told they came up with:

To get the job done, we'll need some serious rocketry to get everything into orbit that we need:


From left to right: The MORPHEUS Core, the MORPHEUS External Modules, the MORPHEUS Drive Stage, the Verdon S4, the Verdon Crew Habitation Module, and the Moho Lander.





For more info on the Verdon S4 and the Verdon Crew Habitation Module, check out the main post:



All MORPHEUS craft can be downloaded at: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/98426

All Verdon craft can be download at: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/97494


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Just now, cpcallen said:

That's a nice looking base!  But OMG the part counts on those lifters…  Do they really need to be quite so monstrous?

Funny enough, the part count is not so bad for any of them; nothing over 300 at launch. The fully assembled base in orbit with the drive stage docked will surpass 300, though.

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