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MechJeb2 for KSP 1.9.9?

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I am running KSP version 1.9.1

CKAN shows that I have just two mods installed, HyperEdit v1.5.8.0 and MechJeb2 v

When I launch KSP I get an error message saying that MechJeb2 is incompatible with KSP 1.9.1! It seems to run but I am wondering if it is giving me background problems that might be the cause of some of the flight issues I have when using MechJeb.

Is there a correct version of MechJeb and how can I persuade ckan to use that version?


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I have the same MJ version number in CKAN with 1.9.1. I don't get this message, must be some other issue. Try installing manually?

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Posted (edited)

@jnbspace It's not an error message you are seeing, but a message from another mod (probably miniAVC) warning you that the mod you are using is not explicitly stated to work for the version of KSP you are running.  It's not KSP itself reporting a problem. The message doesn't mean the mod doesn't work, just that it's older than the KSP version you are running.

Most mods don't break across KSP releases, but it helps to check the mod threads to see if other people are reporting problems, but don't pester mod makes asking does "X" work in release x.x.x?" Read the last page or two of the thread and it's usually pretty apparent if things are broken. If no one is complaining try it for yourself before requesting help.

There are a couple other things, since you appear to be new to mods.  miniAVC has been reported to create problems on the latest versions of KSP and should be deleted whenever it's found. It's been bundled with a lot of mods over the years. The mod Zero MiniAVC will deactivate them on your system and is highly recommended. If you install the full version of KSP-AVC you also have some control over out of date mod warnings.

Also check out the pinned topic: How to install mods. Under the "Advanced Stuff" it describes how to enable CKAN to let you install mods for releases for other than just the latest version. 

In the CKAN settings->Metadata Repositories you probably want to add MechJeb2-dev.  This allows CKAN to install the development versions of MechJeb which update much more frequently than the official releases. One downside is that these can sometimes be buggy, but that's rather rare. Make sure the following line is listed under MetaData Repositories

MechJeb2-dev |



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