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[1.7, 1.8, 1.9] Kerbalized SpaceX BETA


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Made by @harrisjosh2711, he has left the scene and turned the mod over to myself.  See his last post in the thread about the license info.  Original thread is here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/162949-kerbalized-spacex/

Current license is ARR, it will be changing at the full release.

Kerbalized SpaceX

Want to build the SpaceX BFR crew/cargo, Falcon 9, falcon heavy, etc.... This mod is for you! This mod is designed to help you save on part count big time. Be it docking ports to cargo bay's- every part is integrated with something (or multiple somethings) to help you lower your parts count.






HOW TO RE-ENTER WITH THE "BFR" -Kill 98% of velocity on a 55 ton vehicle with aerodynamics only-. 

(I took a steep angle of attack, and experienced very high G's, with good piloting skills and a lower angle of attack  you can limit the amount to under 5g's. This happens during the flip maneuver(You will see).  



Pods- Dragon, Dragon V2, ITS Titan, Space Bug, BFR crew & cargo variation.

Rockets- Falcon 9 Ft, Falcon 9, BFR

Engines- *31 raptor cluster, *3 raptor cluster, *4 raptor vacuum cluster, *9 merlin engine cluster, merlin vacuum, merlin atmospheric.

Misc: Dragon 1 trunk, Dragon V2 trunk, Dragon nose cone, Dragon panel Covers, Heat shield, Falcon Legs, Aero Fins.



Changes from original mod

  • Added .version file
  • Updated all ModuleRCS to ModuleRCSFX, in the following files:
    • BFR.cfg
    • BFRcargo.cfg
    • BFRtank-Copy.cfg
    • BFRtank.cfg
    • Dragon1.2.cfg
    • Dragon1.cfg
    • FalconFTbooster.cfg
    • FalconFTbooster2.cfg
    • FalconFTboosterBlack.cfg
    • FalconFTboosterBlackSideways.cfg
    • FalconFTboosterWhiteSideways.cfg
    • ITSTitan.cfg
    • KerbalizedDragonv2.cfg
    • KerbalizedDragonv2-2.cfg
  • Renamed BFRtank - Copy.cfg to BFRtank2.cfg
  • Rebaned BFRCrewQuarters - Copy.cfg to BFRCrewQuarters2.cfg
  • Renamed all "dragonnosecode2 (1).*" to "dragonNoseCone.*"
  • Updated all breakingForce, breakingTorque, crashTolerance to conform to stock values
  • Converted 6 mbm files to dds
  • Other miscellaneous changes



  • Retractable lifting surfaces for aero fins (now included in RetractableLiftingSurface mod, needs at least v0.2.1)
  • Requires "near future solar" for the solar panels on the trunk to work.
  • RPM and Asset Props are required for any functionality in the V2's IVA.


  • Kerbal joint re-enforcement will make ur life much easier playing with the BFR.

Appreciation Section (original author)

  • Thanks to @Mecripp for converting all the textures to .dds and for his help in various other areas.
  • Thanks to @mrtagnan For taking the time to provide some beautiful new engine plumes using the Real Plume mod
  • Thanks to all my followers for helping me keep the ambition to continue the development of this mod! I likely would have stopped with the V2 if it wasn't for you guys.











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I played around with some of the parts last night to check on docking ports and such. Everything seems to be working okay thus far. I thought the animations were broken but it turned out being the 1.8.1 version of Scatterer that was bugging them out. Took me a while to figure that out. In any case, the newest version of Scatterer (released yesterday) does not cause any issues. I had a bit of an issue docking the dragon 1 and BFR cargo but wasn't unable.  Need to test further to deduce which docking transform is causing the issue. I Also pulled the masters into a GitHub repository.  Will send link to your inbox.

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (5)




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So the original of this mod is on CKAN, but this updated version isn't yet. I'll have to remove the ones I got then and manually put this in its place. 

@linuxgurugamerjust curious if you plan to tweak the thrust values on the engines any? I haven't actually done anything with these parts yet aside from look at them in the tech tree. Just seems like something like 23,000 kn of thrust from the BFR engine cluster seems outlandish, considering the most powerful stock engine is around 1500 or 1800 kn I think. I know the BFR is massive, but is it really that massive? Even the Falcon 9 cluster seems exorbitant at 5500kn.

[EDIT] Oh wait, these are probably built from real world specs, and ksp is like 1/10th real scale. That would explain the discrepancies. I'm playing with JNSQ, which is about 1/4 reality I believe, so these are still massively overpowered I think. But then I can't say for certain until I actually use them in game. 

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1 hour ago, RaiderMan said:

I dont suppose there's a version of my old favorite falcon riding mod for 1.7.1?

..tried updating to 1.9.1 and it went SNAFU in a BAD way..I just sorted my 1.7.1 install back out this morning..

I havent tested it but if you remove the deployableaerosurface.dll and delete/swap it out it should run fine on anything after 1.3. All thats changed is an update to the cfg's.

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4 hours ago, RaiderMan said:

now how do I download it...github's always given me a complex XD.


edit: dropbox...Doh! -facepalm-

ok..I'm not finding the specified dll. where is it at?

My apologies. Linuxguru made the dll a seperate download in the dependencies section. Should be good to go. The grid fins wont work without the dll

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39 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

My only concern with this is the power of the engines.  My impression, and some feedback I received, is that they are too powerful.  Not sure if I'm going to do anything about it, though.

The bfr engines are EXTREMELY powerful. Due to its sheer volume, and the fact i wanted it to carry its real max payload, it was extremely difficult to balance in anything other than real solar system, which i generally play. I made the engines very inefficient at low altitude in an attempt to balance. It was either isp, decrease fuel levels, add weight, resize, decrease payload. My logic was, if you dont like fix it......

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2 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

That makes sense, so it does need to be rebalance for stock. 

My previous message was a bit unclear. I think most things performed okay in the stock system when i left it. Many did not agree with the way I accomplished it for the bfr. See atmosphereCurve in module engines. 


        name = ModuleEnginesFX
        engineID = AllEngines
        runningEffectName = running_full
        thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform
        exhaustDamage = True
        ignitionThreshold = 0.1
        minThrust = 0
        maxThrust = 48000
        heatProduction = 196
        fxOffset = 0, 0, 0.25
        EngineType = LiquidFuel
            name = LiquidFuel
            ratio = 0.9
            DrawGauge = True
            name = Oxidizer
            ratio = 1.1
            key = 0 335
            key = 1 200
            key = 12 0.001

Those that are complaining have not tried landing it. If its not almost empty on fuel, you ARE NOT landing.

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59 minutes ago, RaiderMan said:

it wants to roll..like BADLY.


standard falcon 9 crew dragon.

yeah. Something to due with how the pods generates lift is causing the center of lift to remain directly at the bottom of the pod. the fuel tanks arent causing it to drop, therefore the col is in front of the com. dont know why???? Here is a picture of a unmodded game mk1.  Both dragon pods are doing the same.....

Screenshot (74)


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9 hours ago, harrisjosh2711 said:

yeah. Something to due with how the pods generates lift is causing the center of lift to remain directly at the bottom of the pod. the fuel tanks arent causing it to drop, therefore the col is in front of the com. dont know why???? Here is a picture of a unmodded game mk1.  Both dragon pods are doing the same.....

That is because tanks do not generate lift the same way the pods do.  The pods have the following module:

		name = ModuleLiftingSurface
		useInternalDragModel = False
		deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.35
		liftingSurfaceCurve = CapsuleBottom
		disableBodyLift = False
		omnidirectional = False
		perpendicularOnly = True
		transformDir = Y
		transformSign = -1
		nodeEnabled = True
		attachNodeName = bottom

Tanks don't.  The tanks lift is calculated during flight, based on various factors.  Same with the pod, but the pods specify where the lift is.  While I didn't open the model for the part, I believe that the liftingSurfaceCurve is a transform or node named CapsuleBottom in this case


I'll look at the Dragons to see what's going on.  IMHO, they should do the same as the stock Mk1/Mk2/Mk1-2 etc.

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I think I found why the Dragons are unstable, the deflectionLiftCoeff is way too low.

Comparing it to stock, the stock value for the mk1pod is:

deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.35


deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.35


deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.6
dragAtMaxAoA = 0.1
dragAtMinAoA = 0.03


While for KerbalizedDragon1:

deflectionLiftCoeff = 0.0875

I'll compare the physical size of dragon to the stock parts and adopt the stock settings for the one which is the best match

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There are two parts with the same title, seem to be the same part except for the size:


KerbalizedDragon1.2  (3.75m dia)

KerbalizedDragon1 (2.5m dia)


One is 2.5m, the other is 3.75m  Almost looks like you just copied the entire config and just changed the model name.  I can simply add a "-2" onto the name of the larger one, but would like to know your thoughts first.


Actually, on all the command pods, it seems that you did a copy/paste, because I see that the EC is 1200 for all of them

The EC in the stock Mk1-3 has a max of 150EC.  So, is this a mistake, or is there a reason to have so much EC

Also, the monoprop seems to be very high, on top of the liquid fuel.

The TR-5002 2.5m Advanced trunk holds 220 EC, I can't imagine the command pod holding more.  Again, all the command trunks seem to have the same values.


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I made all the 2.5m stuff at request so likely all copy paste, as i never used them. The smaller stuff really should be looked at. 

As for the other stuff. Make whatever changes you'd like. I likely never decreased the EC from a real solarsystem scale. 

I was working on many config changes when i left the mod. Including a set for real scale parts i never released. That data didnt get backed up. Harddrive burned out.

If you feel like it. The tech levels likely need to be looked over.


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