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Model Rockets in KSP

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Not sure if this is half or quarter size but it's smaller than the original.

Introducing the Falcon 9 Mini! (Pigeon 9?)

Mods used in the build are Restock, Near Future Launch Vehicles, and Making History.





Sadly, it didn't make orbit. In stock, it would've.


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Not sure if this qualifies, but I made a near-real scale, all stock (well, stock plus Making History) Black Arrow a couple of weeks ago, also using Cubs as the main engines which had the added bonus of ending up with surprisingly similar thrust and delta-V to the real thing on the first two stages. Black Arrow is surprisingly small (<14m tall including fairing, maximum 2m wide) compared to other rockets, but then again its payload capacity was pretty small too (a few hundred kilos to LEO) so it actually fits KSP scale quite well. Sadly, it doesn't have the original rocket's paint scheme or orange fairing, but there's only so much you can do when using pure stock parts.


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2 hours ago, Hebzepbiah Kerman said:

@jimmymcgoochieSure does! Cubs are nice engines, aren't they? I also used them for the model BFR.

They were useful for the Black Arrow due to the single-axis gimbal which matches the BA's first stage engine setup, but I don't really use them much on my 'proper' rockets as they're not particularly powerful or efficient and they make a tremendous amount of noise when you're using a lot of them. The pod-less Restock version is good for its tiny size.

I think there was an idea to combine Black Arrow with another rocket called Blue Streak, I might have a go at making that as I already have half of it :wink:


Edit: I went and made it :D see above link

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