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Create fake celestial bodies, fake parts, and fake part manufacturers in KSP!


I can't think of a poll title but let's just say it's about planet packs vs part packs  

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  1. 1. Have you ever wanted to create a new celestial body or part in KSP?

  2. 2. If you wanted to make a celestial body in KSP, what would you make it?

    • A new star with its own system of planets
    • Gas giant without moons
    • Gas giant with moons
    • Terrestrial with/without moons
    • Kerbin-like with/without moons
    • Toxic to kerbals
    • Other
  3. 3. If you wanted to make a new part in KSP, what would it be?

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Remember how creating fake mods was a thing back then? Now it's time to make even more fake KSP stuff! This time, it's fake celestial bodies,  rocket/spaceplane parts, and manufacturers.

Btw, you can do either or both, it's up to you.

My examples:

Fake Celestial Body - Gerris: A planet slightly larger than Kerbin but smaller than Eve, it has green oceans, a green atmosphere, and yellowish brown land. It has aliens living on its surface. Orbits between Kerbin and Duna.

Fake Part - The AEM-293 Solid Rocket Booster: A SRB that was created because we always need more boosters. Manufactured by Boosterz Co.

Fake Manufacturer - Boosterz Co: A solid rocket booster manufacturer. Nuff said.


Have fun making whatever your heart desires!

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part manufacturers for even more craziness
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I've had ideas swirling around in my head for months about a planet pack that ties together all the threads of the stock easter eggs while still being something people will want to download simply for moar planets (or good-looking planets, but I can't match the likes of @Galileo , @Gameslinx , and all the rest). I play with numerous colonization mods, so I would make the "dull" planets resource heavy and the "exciting" habitable planets resource poor, to encourage visits to all locations.



As far as I can tell, nobody has made a model of the Space Shuttle MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit, or the thing used on EVA to jetpack around). I'd love to make one of those, KIS compatible.

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for the mod creators that don’t have knowledge? (I have like, an entire [outdated but relevant] book about KSP, and a chapter is modding so ye). KSP is pretty easy to mod with the right tools (Blender, GIMP, and Unity [going off my book]). Anyway...





the Klamperture Science Electric Thermal Radioisotope “Cocoa” Nuclear Reactor

manufacturer: Klamperture Science

Generates around 15 EC/s small, large generates 27

Emits 2x the heat of the ISRU (small, large generates 3.1x, pack a lot of radiators)

2.5/1.25 meters, and around the same height as the FLT-400/X-200 32

30 tons (Large. Small is 10t)

Consumes ElectricCharge at a rate of 3 EC/2 seconds

”After recent Matt Lowne videos investigation into Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronic’s PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator not emitting enough power to keep large ion engine ships running, alongside other things, a new solution emerged. Why not make a fancy-shmancy nuclear reactor to do it for us, instead of pedaling? Then this was born. Sure it might have a bit of heat, but the trade off works.”

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Celestial Body - Haven't ever really wanted to create another celestial body, but if I did, here's what it would look like:

  • Duna-sized
  • Icy Plains
  • Thin white atmosphere
  • High, jagged, black mountain ridges like Pol's that stick out of the atmosphere
  • Very high Kerbol orbit (2x Eeloo?)
  • Orbital trajectory is hidden and Setting as Target and patched conics don't work

Part - Easy.  5m ISRU.  Nuff said.

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some dwarf planets with highly eccentric orbits and weird moons would be nice, along with a vulcan analog.

for parts, I want some 8 meter and 12 meter fuel tanks, larger engines for a lower part count, and larger command pods and space station modules. BIGER, MOAR HEATE RYESISTANT HEATE SHEILDES, and some Thicc landing legs for my 12 meter lander needs, bigger Ions, bigger XENON TANKS, BIGGER TRUSSES, BIGGER RCS, BIGGER SERVICE BAYS, a BIGGER NERVA, BIGGER solar panels, NUCLEAR REACTORS, NO, NOT THOSE PUNY RTGS, REACTORS!!111!!!1!!!!1!

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2 hours ago, Dirkidirk said:



On 4/21/2020 at 8:50 AM, HansonKerman said:

Klamperture Science Electric Thermal Radioisotope “Cocoa” Nuclear Reactor


5 hours ago, planet-creations said:

Wait, what would you need a straightjacket for?

the mad lad’s journey

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Celestial Body - Aluma: A Kerbin-like planet that's about 1.3x the size of Eve with 4 moons that resemble Mun, Ike, Minmus, and Laythe.


Part - Mk1-4 Command Pod: A combination of Mk1-2 and Mk1-3, manufactured by the same manufacturer, Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc.

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Orbital yo-yo catcher.

Send the yo-yo from your-your orbital station to the planet surface, catch supplies to deliver them to orbit, and deliver them to orbit.

Also can be used for the crew rotation.

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all names except Horsta and Ruinous were results of research into etymology, imagination, and heavy Google Translate. Outwis had the same fate but it was also made into an anagram (h excluded)


Storaa  - yellow star, 1.2x larger than Kerbol, slightly darker yellow, replaces stock (or not. If I ever make it I want to make it IC- compatible, and for a setting to exsist to make it orbit Kerbol at a few billion km)

-Horsta (idk): Bright yellow, with an atmosphere around 0.4 Kerbin. 0.5x Kerbin size. Surprisingly, 0.85g. Almost completely flat. (Will have other odd features if I make it)

”Horsta is a bright yellow star of a planet that at first glance was thought to be Kerbol, unsurprisingly by Laythe’s discoverer. After a smack on the face and a “I told you, that’s not how telescopes work!” further investigation was needed. It has lower gravity than Kerbin, but surprisingly, a good amount for its size. Huge mountains have been rumored, but not confirmed to be on this planet. Only a brave Kerbonaut could tell...”

-Ruinous: orbits at around a few kilometers past Kerbin, slightly larger, and same gravity. Purple, with large plateaus, and overall lumpy terrain otherwise. Many craters despite the atmosphere being slightly thicker than Kerbin. KSC is on a large equatorial plateau, water is only found underground as a resource.

Home (if homeworld) Almost home (if not). This beautiful purple planet is/could be our home. Despite the alarming lack of water needed for boats and delicious moist cakes, it is still quite a habitable planet, and the beautiful views from plateaus make for great vacation spots.”


Benalic- orbits ~ Dres. Same gravity as Vall. White rock is found all over, but large thin red canyons are found, one for each hemisphere. A northern one spanning both the western and eastern, a southern one covering the same terrain, a western one (slightly smaller than the n/s ones), and an eastern one (slightly larger).

”Though at first glance this planet seems plain as a vanilla cupcake [authors note- seriously I don’t like those things], upon closer inspection it is a fascinating thing full of large canyons. Do they hold hidden treasures? Or are they simply sweet places to put a base?”

Stvolk- A toroidal planet with a cubical moon. Orbits just past Benalic. Around the size of Tylo. Has 2gs of gravity. Has a Duna-type atmosphere. It’s slightly orange stained, but mostly black-gray-red with streaks of water. Has a heavy inclination and a retrograde orbit.

”This odd planet would be the perfect donut if it weren’t so stale and rocky. The odd geometry has left scientists baffled, and such, much remains mysterious about Stvolk.” (Has the highest science rate of the system, having the same as Laythe (surface) and Eeloo (everything else).

Outwis: a cube. No atmosphere, same gravity as Gilly (+0.01 Kerbin, making 0.015 gs). Same size as Gilly.

”This may be even odder than Stvolk, its parent! This fascinating specimen of a planet provides many opportunities to study and marvel over this odd moon. It has recently been awarded Weirdest Celestial Body Y1783”.

(if I make moar, it will be in the real pack that may or may not exsist ever)

On 4/22/2020 at 9:39 PM, cubinator said:

I would make a toroidal planet.

your wish is my command

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opps (Tpyo intended yeet ^_^)
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2 hours ago, planet-creations said:

I guess Ruinous could be considered the second Eve and the second Kerbin at the same time

Yes, but it was also <kinda> an Undertale reference. I do like the idea tho and intend to try to make the Storaa system a reality

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