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Create fake celestial bodies, fake parts, and fake part manufacturers in KSP!


I can't think of a poll title but let's just say it's about planet packs vs part packs  

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  1. 1. Have you ever wanted to create a new celestial body or part in KSP?

  2. 2. If you wanted to make a celestial body in KSP, what would you make it?

    • A new star with its own system of planets
    • Gas giant without moons
    • Gas giant with moons
    • Terrestrial with/without moons
    • Kerbin-like with/without moons
    • Toxic to kerbals
    • Other
  3. 3. If you wanted to make a new part in KSP, what would it be?

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Kimono Planet Pack : move Dres to a new star system with a lot of planets and turn Dres in to a gas giant with habitable moons

NSX - 0 BQZ "Beaucoupzero" Fusion Drive : an interstellar grade fusion engine using solid hydrogen(or metallic hydrogen) for its fuel, not suitable for atmosphere use and it can kills kerbals nearby

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On 5/21/2020 at 1:41 PM, bobjonesisthebest:D said:

a planet with 20+ moons, a thin atmosphere on 7 of em, a thick atmospheric water world at the center, and repeat that like 20 times and add like 20 stars.

I see you have no problem with memory space.

On 4/26/2020 at 12:29 PM, Dirkidirk said:


pretty inviting to be named after giygas

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Probably a saturn analog, no inverted/neon/unrealistically colored moons, no liquid water in places it shouldn't exist (looking at you Beyond Home,) just change names, sizes, obits and terrain. It would model saturn's 7 principal moons, and each would be different enough to be unique, but similar enough to be realistic and to pay homage to a real moon. I feel that often, in an effort to differentiate themselves, many mods trade realism for beauty and strangeness. However theese worlds fail to surpass their real life counterparts, due to not being believable.

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Planet 1: Carina, a Kerbin-sized world that's habitable and has 10 small dwarf moons. Orbits Star A, a K-type main sequence star, in a binary system with a brown dwarf.

Planet 2: AS-P2435, an artificial planet composed entirely of high-durability metals. Located at Kerbin's L1 Lagrange point.

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Argus: an 8 billion year old K type main sequence star about 175 light years away from Kerbol.

Hadet: a small tidally locked Duna sized world that orbits very close to Argus, and has lava that has existed since Kerbol was just a dim stellar embryo.

Lamina: a small moon of Hadet that is slowly falling towards Hadet to be swallowed.

Aelus: A massive desert super Earth with winds that are second only to gas giants.

Termus: a Moho sized moon of Aelus.

Etanos: a small hot world with water at the equator. It's atmosphere is toxic to kerbals. Photosynthesizing bacteria flock to it's shallow pools, but the planet is too hot for more complex life.

Rust: a small (for a super Earth) super Earth with glaciers and oceans. It has an oxygenated atmosphere, evidence of photosynthesizing plants. And is sending out radio signals that appear to be encrypted, and are illegible to kerbals. Many think this is just a strong magnetic field. But there is mounting evidence of communication biproducts. It is interesting to many kerbals that potentially intelligence life occupies a world that has likely been habitable for at least 6 billion years. It is too bad that it will take many decades for kerbalkinds first signals to reach them, and many more for their reply.

Leone: Rusts only moon compensates it lack of siblings for it's size, about half of kerbins. It's size and thin atmosphere would make a space race interesting, perhaps leading to colonization and collaboration instead of competition. Perhaps the nearby presence of Etanos would promote this collaboration.

Polasnia: a Neptune sized cold gas giant. If it has any moons (and it almost definitely does,) they are hidden by its mass and magnetosphere. However this does rule out any moons with a mass greater than two Minmus's making it overall more similar to Uranus in that regard.

Augustus: very little is knows about this Kerbin sized world. It orbits in a very high elliptical orbit. It was detected by radial velocity with the Jebs Web space telescope, as opposed to the other planets which were discovered with the transit method. It's inclination is likely to high to be viewed with the transit method from Kerbin.


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False Planet and its moons:

  • Divium-103 (Neptune Lookalike Gas Giant that is the size of Jupiter)
    • Solum-332 (Rocky, Mun-sized moon. Closest moon to Divium-103)
    • Aecor (Rocky Mars-sized moon of Divium-103. Has a thick atmosphere and surface water. Plant life exists.)
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Illymore A

A large crimson/Deep Blue gas giant orbiting the outer skirts of (STAR SYSTEM TBD)

Illymore B

A large icy moon with oceans of liquid methane

Illymore C

A kerbin sized habitable world currently the target of Kerbojet-Kerbodyne

(Other moons TBD)

Will be featured in (MOD NAME/DATE TBD)

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If I were to make a new planets, they would be an orange gas giant named: Regorio, just past Jool; and Poseidon: a purple gas giant, far from Kerbol.

Regorio would have a toxic atmosphere with poisonous microbes in the air, as well as a orange ring

There would be 6 moons, with one satellite around one: 
Speck: a tiny orange moon orbiting in Regoro’s ring.
Glacio: a cold moon, stripped of its atmosphere, with a sliver left, covered in ice, size of Eeloo.
Paradise: a lovely place, full of friendly life. A very kerbinlike moon, heated by geothermal energy, with a moon!
Mint: the moon of Paradise, reminds Kerbals of snack time and deserts because of it’s chocolate brown and mint color, around the size of Gilly
Num, a pot marked moon, around the size of Kerbin, looks a lot like the Mun
A915 and A275, two asteroids, caught in orbit around Regoro, orbiting each other!


Poseidon would have a cold dense atmosphere, nothing special here

There would be 4 moons:
Vol: the place nobody wants to go. Somehow spilling with magma and hot gasses from its many volcanoes, around the size of Duna.
Mal: a small moon, although great target practice for small meteorites, around the size of Ike.
Hal: another small moon, light grey and has a smooth surface.
Zal: a exotic moon, rumors say that it has exotic minerals and metals, not found on Kerbin, Mun sized.

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a[-sdktjhiwrkg[;jgnjir;psjeh;oiawszfnog;htl, a planet orbiting the star e0fiogr0p24iep;ld.fjgnp[ih0-iwjeo;lsgdjfok;ht.

Diameter: 2gr0bfehwinjl3qi;wrugnij0hp;wfi kilometers

Mass: 3gu-jq3ywrb-gjnhj0p3i5wy0apgrsfmb;ongjie;hrg kilograms

Number of Moons: aie0sjprljh53y[40 gdo;lthji34 wie9gm o;etjh0[p;wijesg

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