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Restock Vs Ven Stock Revamp

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They are not compatible with each other if that's what you're asking. Both replace the stock textures with their own, so they'll probably create a mess if you try both at the same time. 

As for preferences they both have their own look so its really a personal question as to which do you prefer? 

Ven's Revamp is really old and on life support being kept alive by fans. Restock is under active development with new updates being released from time to time.

If I were going to choose one I'd go with Restock just because it's in active development.

I actually only use a small set of parts from Restock (mostly engines). Mainly because I use several mods that are more stock looking and Restock parts look out of place when mixed with the other mods I use.

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I would say go Restock. To me, Restock looks better, and has mostly better art. Restock also fits in nicely with Nertea's suite of mods. If you want to use a more improved stock, use Ven's. However, if you want something that mostly replaces stock, use Restock. Restock also uses less storage because it blacklists the stock parts, so it doesn't load the stock textures. However, Ven's uses variant switcher, so it has to load all of the textures, even if you don't use them. Also did I mention that Restock comes with Emissives and custom plumes? 

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I'm keeping Ven's Stock Revamp going because I like its clean aesthetic more than Restock's relatively "busy" high-frequency detailing.  That said, its models aren't getting any younger, and I'm not up to the task of making new models as new parts are introduced, so I understand why people might hesitate to get attached to it.  That's why I reorganized it a few versions back so that it's easy to delete the "stock revamp" parts and just keep the new parts, for people interested in migrating back to stock or to Restock.

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I've been using Ven's Stock Revamp since i discovered it years ago, it's one must-have from me. On the other hand, i also  want yo try different aesthetics. 

The "balance" using new parts from Kerbas_ad_astra and trying Restock is an interesting thing.

I appreciate the work of both mods, i find both high quality ones, really!

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I prefer the command pods and control pods and the science lab to be Restock,

the miscellaneous parts like batteries and science and antenna to be Ven's,

and the rest (fuel tanks and whatever) to be stock.

Can anyone tell me how am I going to do it?

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I like how Ven's Stock Revamp looks like, but I use Nertea's suite of mods (Near Future Technologies, SSPXr, Cryogenic Engines, the whole shebang), and I love the Restock+ parts, so it makes much more sense to use Restock instead. (Besides, I can't live without those new variants!)

I wouldn't mind using Ven's Stock Revamp on an unmodded install, though.

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