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[0.25 - 1.9.x] Corona's model fixer

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[0.25 - 1.9.x] Corona's model fixer v0.2



Corona's model fixer has the purpose to fix the 3D model of the stars coronas for planet pack makers.

It always has been a challenge for planet makers to make decent coronas for their packs due to the stock Sun having a distorted mesh instead of a distorted texture.
Thanks to this little addon, this will not be a problem anymore, any texture that has been made will be rendered as excepted.

I know the new model is not perfect yet (the outer edges are not really equal in size) but it is already way easier to texture them.
I still can improve it if needed, although I do update whenever I feel it so don't force me to.


The mod has been tested down to 0.25 but also should work for older versions. However, you have to select either your game is +1.8 or not.


Download and Source

This mod is under the MIT license and is totally independent of Kopernicus but would be quite useless without it. Feel free to include it into your mod without asking my permission, but don't forget to say I made it ;)



Download the last version of the addon corresponding to your game version (1.8+ or pre-1.8) and move the content of the GameData folder into your GameData. The library (.dll) can actually be placed anyway into the GameData folder.



I am not a fluent English speaker so I hope that does not bother you. This is my first mod and it might not be that sick, try to not be too harsh with me haha.




v0.1 - Initial version:

Normalize and move the extra edges of the model.


Added a pre 1.8 compatibility because of Unity libraries that changed in the last versions of the game.

Edited by Arekva
Added a new version of the addon for older versions of the game. Spoiler is also broken.
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