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[1.8.x 1.9.x 1.10.x, 1.11.x] PayToPlay - Maintenance Costs Money


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26 minutes ago, Beetlecat said:

It looks so far like it automatically overrides Kerbalism's engine failure / quality models? We don't need to manually change the settings or edit the configs?

Kerbalism removes its modules from the engines if it sees P2P. All the other subjects to reliability are not changed, kerbalism reliability system keeps affecting reource converters, antennas and so on.

P2P is engines-only reliability mod so we only made ksm give up engines reliability in favor of a more specialized mod, if it is installed.

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A maintenance uptdate is released. With possible performance uptweak and multimode/multimodule and rollout behavior engines fixes.

## Added:
- Rolling out an engine with 0 ingitions left (used before, fixed failure but did not refill ignitions) now (almost) instantly triggers "Out of ignitions" state.
- Moved EngineDecay PartModule logics to Update ticks from FixedUpdate to improve performance (I can't tell if it was a problem but better I do it now).

## Fixed:
- Rolling out a burnt engine with refreshed ingitions could (almost) instantly cause a failure without starting it.
- Multimode engines used to get both modes' modules activated for new parts and after reenabling engines.
- Engine part startup and reenabling opertations now should be valid for both multimodule in single mode and multimoded with MultiModeEngine module.
- Misconfiguration warning now is not thrown for multimoduled singlemoded engines.

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That was my JNSQ modded career game... Wanted to add 3 engines in symmetry. And the things got BROKEN. Have already experienced such a bug in P2P. Found out that previous optimization attempts were a bit excessive and broke it. Fixed by reverting this part of optimization - I don't think anyone will be bothered with this as it is not in Update tick cycles.

v1.5.6.4 is out.

## Fixed:
- Excessive optimization was causing bugs and NREs when placing symmetrized engine parts.

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3 hours ago, DarthPointer said:

Yes, as long as you want to improve the quality of further engines of that model.

So could I do test bench, ie. keeping the vessel to a launch clamp and then recover it, or does it need to be in flight state ?
Thanks again !

EDIT : tested, yes you can make test bench

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