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[WIP][1.11][beta] Cargo Accelerators


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On 6/14/2020 at 1:35 PM, allista said:

@Ranchoth, @theJesuit

Another problem is the trajectory; atmospheric launches are, of course, out of the question. But even in vacuum, launching from any planetary body would only allow you to either achieve a suborbital trajectory with high apoapsis, or an escape trajectory which is hard use for precise navigation.

Heck, that's what kick motors and/or laser sails are for! :D

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The barrel construction release is still pending due to several severe bugs in launch mechanics that were exposed during the previous stream.

But today at 20:00 UTC I will be streaming several manned launches :0.0:
Key new feature: fully automated accelerator-assisted maneuvers :maneuver:

This means, that when an accelerator cannot completely fulfill dV requirements, it can still help with what it can, which makes it a lot more usable :funds:

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@allista allista released this now

  • Added in-orbit barrel construction
    • Construction is started by pressing a button in PAW.
    • This deactivates the accelerator and creates construction
      scaffold on the end of the barrel that is gradually deployed
      (the scaffold slowly grows in length).
    • Required resources are configured per accelerator.
    • Current Orbital Accelerator requires
      • Material Kits - 95% of the mass of a segment
      • Specialized Parts - 10% of the mass of a segment
      • Electric Charge - 1000 units per ton
    • Construction also requires qualified Engineers on board
    • To provide both resources and workers the construction
      scaffold has (an invisible) docking port on its end.
  • Added Partial Launch mode
    • It is activated in the PAW of the accelerator
    • It allows to perform the launch even if the accelerator
      cannot provide the required dV
    • But if you have TCA installed and the payload has
      its own thrusters, the accelerator will instruct the TCA of
      the payload to continue the maneuver.
  • If TCA is installed, the recoil compensation is done by the
    accelerator automatically.


Compatible with KSP 1.9.1 -  1.10.0
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I am wondering why you are not using say a Minmus launch site. You can then have lots of power generation of the site and you will not have to worry about the issue of reverse thrust.

As to assisting the positioning of the launch vehicle you could have the coil launcher on a turntable. Given that the rotation of Minmus should allow a launch window with reasonable frequency, and coupled with the turntable, you can have a good dV for most planets. To do in flight corrections you can then use normal technology (rockets, solar sails, matter transportation, future ideas)

This means you could build it on site using many launches like you would do for a mining operation.


For the capture building a large funnel, 2km+ wide opening going to say 500m, and magnetic to power storage (or beaming power to on surface storage. Then it would only require a small space tug to lower the vehicle to the surface site

Just some thoughts


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I'll create a new thread for the 1.0 release that is to come next.

For now it's just another (BIG) step toward it.

Consider it to be BETA


  • KSP: 1.11.1
  • Orbital Accelerator
    • integrated textures made by @JadeOfMaar
    • lowered mean density to 1.5t/m3
    • decreased deployment and construction speed
    • improved model in-game performance
    • added all colliders
  • UI:
    • Added Construction Window to control segment construction
    • Construction can now be aborted via UI at any stage
    • Extended the range of PAW controls to 500m
  • Added remote connection capability: no more need to enter the loading chamber
    to communicate with an accelerator
  • Workforce is updated on vessel change (e.g. on dock) as well as on crew change
  • Fixed FPS drop in CONSTRUCTION state


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