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Valentina's mission to rescue Jeb from orbit. My first shot at retouching a KSP screenshot, since my computer is a potato and scatterer kills my fps. Please go easy on me :)

Image contains the following mods:

  • ReStock
  • ReStock+
  • Universal Storage II
  • Near Future Electrical
  • USI Life Support
  • Surface Mounted Lights
  • Environment Visual Enhancement (EVE)

Craft file:



I started playing KSP since the pre-release days. I didn't know what kept me lurking all those years, but here's my first contribution to the community. However I'm still ashamed now that KSP 2 is announced, I still haven't gone any further than the Mun, Minmus and Duna. During that time I've developed quite an "expertise" in designing Apollo-style spacecrafts. This is my latest iteration, creatively named the "Mk1-3" (Believe me I went through every name possible :D). As a way to encourage myself to fly further than my previous destinations, I've decided to dedicate some my free time to take and enhance screenshots of my future missions with my Mk1-3 and its derivatives. My goal is to do a grand tour and visit every celestial bodies in the Kerbol system before KSP 2 releases. My current rules:

  1. Sandbox mode with USI Life Support
  2. Keep cost down to a minimum

Feedback from everyone is greatly appreciated. Let me know what I should do next!


Thank you!
- Your fellow Kerbal

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