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To be honest i would love to see a mod that has a massive Gun that can shoot sattelites into orbit aka a gun that shoots the sattelite majority of the way up and then theres a small stage that circularizes it pretty much like Harp but fully operational and can put sattelites into orbit

Its just a idea i'm not forcing anybody to make but it would be pretty cool if somebody made it

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On 5/9/2020 at 9:52 PM, Kroslev Kerman said:

So i took a look Mining expansion and Cargo accelerator was the wrong one, the closest one is Netherdyne since it can be used on the ground

i run on 1.9 so i'm gonna test netherdyne

Cool to see interest in my mod still pops up from time to time! (I made the Netherdyne mod)

I'm looking for somebody to take over the mod, by the way.  I haven't had time to maintain it (hence why the title is so far out of date).

Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested- or if anyone else sees this thread, feel free to message me!

I promise I've become a lot more relaxed about the whole pushing for "realism" thing (the Netherdyne Mass Driver parts were balanced around what's physically possible in real life- but much like having RealFuels engines on stock Kerbin, it all ends up a little overpowered for anything other than a Real Solar System-sized planet...)

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I wish I knew how to mod anything other than hacky config changes. This thread gave me a great idea. 2 parts, a launcher and an exit tube. You place them on the surface any distance apart (and assume the actual tube runs underground) and you can then eject things from the exit tube at a velocity determined by the direction and distance between the launcher and the tube, and how much mass you're throwing and how much power you devote to it.

Ideally in map mode you'd get a trajectory line for the resultant ejection so you could time it so an orbiting refinery or transport could pick up the cargo (which would be on a suborbital trajectory unless you threw it so hard it ejected entirely from the SOI) using the stock encounter markers.

You could refactor the asteroid model to be an "ore chunk" that you could grab with a Klaw and then transfer into tanks. The asteroid would shrink as you transfer ore out of it and vanish when its ore got to 0.

Boom. I just made a mod. Except I have no idea how to do any of that.

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