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Can't find CX-4181 Scriptable Control System



I'm trying to get kOS working but cannot find the CX-4181 SCS in the standard parts library.  As I understand it CX-4181 is supposed to be part of the base install.

I tried a few different things but the cleanest attempt to find the part was:

- clean-ish install on Windows of Kerbal 1.9.1  I say clean-ish because the install was done by Steam and Steam retains some data from one install to the next.  
- start a new Sandbox game.
- enter the VAB
- search the parts list for CX  - nothing shows up
- open the Control parts tab - CX is not there

For reference I also tried this on my primary Linux box running Kerbal 1.8 with lots of mods.

Any help is much appreciated.    Thanks in advance.


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Isn't CX-4181 a base part?  Perhaps I misinterpreted the kOS startup instructions.  It implies CX-4181 is standard.  If that's not the case I will redirect my questions to the kOS community.

Here's what's written in kOS docs.

You can use kOS in a career mode game, but it requires a part that you have to research which isn’t available at the start of the tech tree, so this example will just use sandbox mode to keep it simple.   Make the vessel contain any unmanned command core, a few hundred units of battery power, a means of recharging the battery such as a solar panel array, and the “Comptronix CX-4181 Scriptable Control System”


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And nothing in that quote says that kOS is a part of the base game. Of course they expect you to install the mod if you read the instructions of a mod and want to use it.

There's the part, right between all the other kOS files:


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