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Multiple questions about RealAntennas

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           I have recently decided to make a jump from RemoteTech to RealAntennas, being attracted by the seeming realism of the latter. I have read through the majority of the documentation listed on its Github wiki page. However, though said documentation has indeed increased my understanding of how antennae work within the realms of this mod, I nevertheless find myself in need of a number of gameplay related clarifications and general advice. As such, what follows is a list of inquiries alongside their respective explanations:

1. How can I determine a threshold for when an antenna ceases to communicate with another?

As the intent of any antenna is to communicate, the variables given by RealAntennas must ultimately lead the user  to a conclusion about a maximum distance within which a given antenna can communicate with another antenna. In RealAntennas, I see that this distance is a result of transmitter power, gain, and frequency used. The antenna planner ultimately produces a number that represents a data transfer rate at a preset distance (why the distance slider only reaches 1Mm is completely beyond me). How can I determine the minimum acceptable data transfer rate between two antennae? What benefit does a high transfer rate have from a sandbox mode perspective? At what point do two antennae lose connection?

Note: in questions 2  and 3, I assume that communication satellites primarily perform their purposes with dish antennae.

2. How does one distribute dishes on communication satellites?

If I recall correctly, an antenna can connect to only a single radio source. Firstly, I am unable to create communication satellites with hundred-dish arrays for every single object I will launch in my save. Secondly, given that I, as a player, would generally like to do things other than launch an endless number of communication satellites for months, I limit myself to eight communication satellites (four in equatorial orbit at 10000km, four in polar orbit at 10000km) per save unless I expand outside of Earth's SOI. How can I do the same with RealAntennas?

3. Dish angling.

Of course, a dish must be pointed in the correct direction. This raises multiple issues. To begin, I am unsure if I will be able to launch enough satellites to blanket the surface of the Earth with good communication. Secondly, I am not sure how I can approach satellite orientation. Given that I have Persistent Rotation, I may be able to simply let my satellites constantly rotate to face the Earth. However, once in a while, these satellites will drift. This means that I will need to constantly check and reorient every single communications satellite I will ever launch. Is this true?

All in all, my confusion lies in how one designs a communications satellite  and how one maintains a communications network. I am unsure whether omnis or dishes are what a communications satellite usually uses to connect to its surrounding objects, and, if dishes are what I should use, I am unsure how to keep said dishes oriented correctly. Of course, I may simply be misunderstanding everything.

My apologies if I come across as ignorant,


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