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These are the biggest spacecrafts i have built


"Hype Ship" not at all useful, lag is unbearable (1057 parts), over 220m long. its other name is "The Cosmic Titan" in reference to shadowzone's Cosmic Titan. this craft totally was not built to one-up shadowzone lol (though his ship is still really epic and a lot more useful))


Massive colonial ship, 147m long, 2700t full, 700t empty (the orange and gray "antenna" at the front is there because i had no idea what to put there), used in my stock career, its docked to a station and a class E asteroid for sense of scale, those giant parts are 3.75m fairings, which occasionally detach and cause the entire ship to undergo RUD. refuled, had enough delta V to go from a 1000km kerbin orbit to Duna, insterted into orbit around duna at about ike's orbit, went into orbit around ike to refuel a small cruiser, then went into LDO (low duna orbit), then to Eve, and barely made it to Gilly with 400m/s delta V left... also, i get 6 fps with this craft, and i am somehow fine... must be that i started playing minecraft 6 years ago on an ANCIENT pc, couldnt get past 20fps lol.

i have not really seen many threads about showing huge spaceships. on my scale, a spaceship is huge at over 70m  in length (and also over 500t JUST to not include the nuclear space noodle, since its... well.. a nuclear spaceship that essentially looks like a noodle). but everyone's definition of a huge/large spaceship is different lol. also, these two spaceships are actually the only three large stock spacecraft that i have built that are over 100m in length (the third is an executor star destroyer)

sooo.. you can show off your huge spaceships here! (on your scale)

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Not the coolest lookin' thing I ever built and it's a few years old. I do remember it was pretty big. She was a gas guzzler so I never tried to fuel it up and go anywhere......yet :D


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I'm currently trying to use this for a challenge involving Duna.  I'm doing the challenge in a sandbox save, but it was launched legitimately, without cheats, and weighs in at a cool 1020ish tons.  It's currently loaded up with various landers and base pieces, and has a ΔV of about 2300m/s (with the landers all fully fueled).  On the launch pad, the part count was just shy of 1000 parts.




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Here's a super heavy cruiser (needs a name) which is currently headed to Jool with satellites and science landers.  https://kerbalx.com/Mazlem/Super-Heavy-Cruiser



KSS Traversing, a heavy lifter converted for cargo duty and waiting on the transfer window for Eeloo to head out with some crew / science / base landers



And Boston 07 (named after the Big Dig project of 2007 there), a mining ship about to head back to LKO and refuel Mad Max, my fuel depot / spacedock


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Big spaceships?  Here you go.  Not quite CPU-bogglingly big, but it's still enough to slow the game down measurably.


It's been to a lot of places, all in one launch.  Here are some examples.




Moho (Mohole, more precisely):



Eeloo (It's still there right now):



...and it's also been to Duna unintentionally a couple times... :wink:

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