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Fixed: Mun lander floats away outside of physics when far away on foot?


PS4, Radial preset, in career mode.  For context to give some idea where I am: n00b, maybe a month-2 months in (they're still reviewing my posts I'm so new, ha), having a blast - flags all over the Mun and Minmus, one unmanned rocket currently stuck around Duna (in accidentally polar orbit, probably enough fuel, and ferreting out how to get back).

So I'm on a mission that requires a surface sample from 3 locations on the Munar surface (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), being quite new to this still I don't yet have a rover and not yet dialed in on landing at a desired spot, so on a mission like this I'm on foot (from various too-far distances like 7 km, 4 km, etc.).

I have seen this every time, reproducible 100% for me.  Upon returning to my lander each time so far (4 attempts), I find the lander has left the surface and is slowly tumbling and floating up and away (straight up) at .2 m/s.  On 2 of the occasions I had enough MP left to get up to the lander, grab on, board, etc., however nothing affects it in any way, 100% thrust does nothing, it seems to be 'outside of physics' at that point, and I'm wondering if I've just gotten far enough away from my lander (or away too long?  Maybe time is a factor?) that it maybe behaves the same way spent stages do when they get far enough away, which I've read means physics are no longer applied to an object beyond some x distance away.

No screenshot handy but it's just a lander floating upside down 20 or so meters off the surface.

No human is apt to attempt to reproduce this but am checking to see if anyone else has run into this - it's obviously a bug, and I'm at the point where I am not sure if I should keep trying to land closer to see if it's the distance or if I should skip it and move on.   

Overall I am enjoying this immensely (perfect quarantine filler!), some platform-specific idiosyncrasies aside I think they've done a beautiful job porting the controls over.  Porting a keyboard to a PS4 controller can't be an easy thing to do.

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I have had this happen. I’m pretty sure it is from leaving and reentering physics range without reloading that physics frame. I would recommend making a save file when you land, making a save file when you get to the site and fulfill that part of the contract, switching to KSC, switching back to your EVAed Kerbal, and returning to your ship. If the ship is still floating, reload the save from after the contract fulfillment and head back to your ship.

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I’ve been meaning to follow up here for 2 reasons: to say thanks for the suggestion and the reply above, but also to report that this is now fixed as far as I have been able to determine.

A huge thanks to the dev team for the update!

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