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[We need more posts! (Like seriously, a lot more)] Let's Make This the Megathread!

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I played stock for about a year before installing my first couple of mods, OPT Spaceplane and Near Future Launch Vehicles. My mod install gradually grew from then on, to the point it's at today.







EDIT: Oh hey llok new page.


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Oh hey llok new page.
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i cannot survive without mods. they are my lifesoup

12 hours ago, KeaKaka said:

EDIT: Oh hey llok new page.

ayo bruh u stole my catchphrase

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19 hours ago, Commodore_32 said:

ey Soupman, I had a quick look into the log and seems like MM intercepted a broken DLL in a mod.

[LOG 19:55:36.936] [ModuleManager] Intercepted a ReflectionTypeLoadException. List of broken DLLs:
FlightPlan GameData\FlightPlan\Plugins\FlightPlan.dll

I had a similar problem with old mods preventing me from entering the main screen so this should be the issue.

Yep, deleting that mod fixed it thanks!

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2 hours ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

ok what is the deal with math, why must it require more than what my four brain cells can muster.

In a nutshell, x + x + y = x2 + y

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