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[We need more posts! (Like seriously, a lot more)] Let's Make This the Megathread!

Misguided Kerbal

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2 hours ago, Starhelperdude said:




Correction StarHelperDude.





6th position.

obwu b89odo83o8o n8dnio asd nd8n 03400890w8ejsweiiowedv gDFGDFGADF:/GDFGDFG:wub:AZDFGFDA:cool::targetpro::normal::/:mad:o8q ohj8u e80ju 8u0j890

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oh cmon. >:c
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5 minutes ago, OrdinaryKerman said:

Initial version, has everyone from page 395 to now: SqMJEgM.png

fixes and enhancements will come, this is still wip

Awesome! I think you should include MG Kerbal

Also I noticed a missing divider between Jcool and Peridoot.

Very good :D

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do we have a timeline of ''important'' events in the megathread? if no, we need one because why not

like with the join dates, when there was a lot of activity,...

3 hours ago, Wizard Kerbal said:

We did which means I blew my chance


We were this close to greatness.

No, I was.

We Were on the Verge of Greatness | Know Your Meme

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10 hours ago, Wizard Kerbal said:

ya messed it up

@Stormpilot what happened to the box?

I was caught delivering a pirated copy of KSP (how was I to know what was inside? I'm the delivery guy! not the client of seller). So I deiced to flee into orbit, and then ran out of spaceship.

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