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[We need more posts! (Like seriously, a lot more)] Let's Make This the Megathread!

Misguided Kerbal

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This page has been locked for maintenance.

*sigh* Okay, folks, one of the things I dislike the most is becoming the wet blanket when others are having fun. But I have had to put on the ol' moderator's hat this morning. There were a few of the posts here on previous pages where I had to tweak the content. No, there was nothing exactly rulebreaking in the edited posts - so no one is going to get an official warning regarding that.

However, there were some posts where there were excessive blank lines to extend the length of the post. Some of you expressed a desire to keep your most recent post from being merged with the post you did just minutes before. The merge feature is there to keep the forum tidy.  If you do not want your subsequent posts merged with one another, then you can do one of two things:

  • Wait five minutes before posting again. I've tested this out and it works.
  • Wait for someone else to post before you post again.

The length of your post will not prevent it from being merged by the forum software when you make another post within that five-minute period. You'll just end up with an extremely extended, long post.

For some on mobile or on a metered internet connection, a blank space still uses data. This means that as they have to download your half-empty post, your blank lines are costing them bandwidth. It also can mess with the pagination that some mobile apps, such as the Bing browser, interprets the data.

For those of you wanting the more condensed version:

  • Have as much fun as you want in this thread following the forum guidelines.
  • Avoid the desire to add extra and unneeded blank lines in your posts for whatever reason.

It would be a shame if we never figure out how big this thread can get because the moderation team gets forced to lock it down - permanently.

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Mischief managed, thread reopened.
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13 hours ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

A recently ejected a small probe to like 24 billion/trillion. Something like that. Big number.  in apoapsis. So. I dont know. I'm waiting. 

I had a Jool space station, but it got ejected from the system

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