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45 minutes ago, Misguided_Kerbal said:

Fun more like "backyard turning into a pond".


35 minutes ago, GuessingEveryDay said:

Our neighborhood is higher than the rest of the town, but the road to it isn't, so every hurricane that threatens Zone D or above, we have to go. Which is really annoying. The closest the water ever came to our house was about 20 feet away. It is fun for putting kayaks in afterwards.

Again I don't know what a hurricane feels like I live in a literal desert :P 

Delicate Arch - WikipediaGreat Salt Lake Facts and Information | Utah.comInsider's Guide to Bryce Canyon National Park

That isn't to say weather is crazy here. Oh no, Utah is known for random extreme weather.

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I went to a desert with Joshua Trees! It was pretty cool!


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I have nothing to talk about, but this message is contradictory because I am talking about the fact I have nothing to talk about.

@Fraston has time for this”

*ding*  *counter in the top right of my field of view ticks up by one*

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