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Kerbal Space Program ESA 1.10 update #SharedHorizons

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Big news, Kerbonauts: We’re partnering with ESA for the 1.10 update #SharedHorizons!

We’re excited to include ESA Space Transportation Ariane 5 and two ESA Science missions Bepi Colombo and Rosseta, to the game.


Releasing on PC on July 1st. Coming soon to consoles. More info to come. 

KSP_Keyart_1-10_Render_A4_Logos (1).jpg

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Just now, alberro+ said:

Such a shame that i'm stuck with 1.8.1 thanks to Kopernicus. 

Gotta say though, I am excited!

You just wait- Kopernicus will update to 1.9.1 on the 30th of June :rolleyes:

I might try adding the new parts from 1.9.1 to a 1.8.1 game and if that works (and there are no massive game engine changes) then I’ll do the same with the new 1.10 stuff when that gets released.


Unrelated- what is Wehrner doing in space? Or does Jeb/Bill/Bob wear glasses now due to too many unplanned disassemblies/flight reverts/staring at the sun for too long?

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30 minutes ago, St4rdust said:

We’re excited to include ... Bepi Colombo ... to the game


4 minutes ago, VoidCosmos said:


I see BepiColombo in the bottom right coner of the pic. Is it in game?


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Just now, VoidCosmos said:

Oh I meant to say if that one is in game or the real thing

In-game. The solar panels differ from real life.

Edited by prestja
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Just now, Altaille said:

Good news ! Maybe I am extrapolating a bit too much, but considering Bepi Colombo is relying on a lot on gravitionnal assists, I can imagine ingame tool for predicting them ?

There are some more details on the ESA website :


Good point

Just now, prestja said:

In-game. The solar panels are different.

Ah. Okay. Thanks 

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