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Kerbal Space Program ESA 1.10 update #SharedHorizons


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1 hour ago, Canopus said:

Well Soyuz parts are already in Making History.


50 minutes ago, Canopus said:

I‘m talking about the Launch Vehicle of course since it has an

But IIRC the rocket is named after the spacecraft. 
MH only has parts for the Vostok Spacecraft.
The actual Soyus rocket that carries the soyus capsule, is also a little bit different than compared to the Vostok rocket.
So a partial no to Soyus being in MH

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1 minute ago, Lewie said:

What exactly is the Bepi columbo and that stuff? Could someone please enlighten me?






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1 minute ago, VoidCosmos said:

*Like* Ran out of likes. Will add them later and also, added some more links

Thanks again! Gotta say, this sounds amazing...plus a new suit...*squeal*

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Just now, adsii1970 said:

Nope. Not hardly. We've been pestering the devs for clouds and/or dynamic weather since .18 :)


#pestering the devs for clouds and/or dynamic weather since .18

Now I feel Kerbal Space Program will be the best space sim after this update

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1 hour ago, VoidCosmos said:


So, I see two stock type solar panels, a re-skinned HECS2 (which looks niiiice), a lander made of stock parts and... That service bus, which is far too square to be any existing part so must be new. Not entirely sure how useful a triangular bus like that will be elsewhere, but I don't care- I WANT ONE!


Edit: I tried adding the 1.9.1 Parts folder to a 1.8.1 version of KSP with decidedly mixed results- while the new Skipper showed up, the Mainsail disappeared entirely and the drain valve didn't appear either. Perhaps copying the new parts from 1.10 back to 1.8.1 to preserve mod compatibility won't work after all ;.;

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