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100% Gravioli - Boeing P26 Peashooter

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100% Gravioli - Boeing P26 Peashooter


Nothing stopped me


Single engine, all metal fuselage monoplane, one of the most advanced fighters... at it's introduction. Advancements in aviation technology had made the "Peashooter", as it was affectionately known, obsolete by the time the US entered WWII in 1941.


"We fly by moonlight"


The P26 was armed with 2 Browning machine guns, and had optional bomb load on suspended racks


The colors were based upon the one seen in War Thunder, which likely never existed, but indeed, Peashooters came in blue with yellow wings, except with more colors and accents and so on...


It's fuselage is (obviously) made almost entirely out of gravioli detectors. This came after attempts to make the fuselage out of solar panels and such, well, failed. So I said "to hell with part count!" and went along. What you're seeing is actually V2 of the blue peashooter.


This is V1. It's larger than V2, the fuselage is general more rounder, and part count-a skyrocketed to 1150 parts. But it is important, as it laid the groundwork for many replicas of mine to come, which not only getting the shape right, but also the colors. The extra effort and part count is worth it in my opinion.


That's pretty much it! Get it here>>https://kerbalx.com/KAS/Boeing-P-26-30-Peashooter

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