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This is one of those issues that has recurred periodically- but KSP could REALLY use a button that you press that will simply shift Kerbals into a "walk" or run state, rather than having to hold "W" until you fingers go numb to walk long distances...

And while we're at it, rivers really need a control rework.  It's sad and disappointing that such an integral part of the game STILL needs players to do things like switch to Docking Mode to properly control their rovers.

I saw an Action Group labeled "Wheel Throttle" in the SPH recently, while editing some Action Groups.  But this doesn't seem to do anything currently.

What there SHOULD be is a "throttle" for Kerbal walking/running and rover wheels- even if there only end up being 2 speeds (for now) for Kerbals.

Really it's just one of those basic quality-of-life issues I'm amazed the game has gone without this far..m

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