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Lost/missing Clauburry Kermam


I'm playing on Ps4. This game is extremely frustrating. I bought it a couple days ago and there's so many bugs. Contracts don't work sometimes, kerbals go missing randomly, and too many other issues. Anyways, my pilot clauburry kerman is missing in action. I tried fast forwarding to try to make him respawning and that didnt work. I have no idea how to find this kerbal. This game is extremely annoying.

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It's true - KSP does have bugs, but not all of what appears to be bugs actually are.  This is  game with a steep learning curve and requires some thinking.  Frustrating? - yes sometimes, but also very rewarding in a nerdy way.

Main reason for Kerbals to go missing is because you let their ship crash or burn up while you were off attending to something else.  The mod Kerbal Alarm Clock is essential, especially as a career game progresses with 40 or 50 simultaneous flights.

Not sure about the console version but on the PC, the re-spawning of Kerbals is controlled in the settings.  You can set it on, off and set a delay for them to re-spawn.

As for contracts, sometimes the way they are written is not very intuitive, and some people do say there are odd ones that randomly appear but personally I've never had one that I couldn't yet complete.  Post an example if you want help.

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