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Asteroid Particles

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I thought my eyes were going funny during a recent session of asteroid mining.

You know how when you drill on a planet you see dust and pebbles flying around. 

Recently, I just happened to rotate my camera to a certain angle and saw a stream of pebbles coming out of the asteroid, but instead of floating around and evaporating, they seemingly fall away in a stream along the direction of my orbit.  Difficult to see but once you know what you are looking for and get the right angle it is very odd, almost like looking downward from the top of a waterfall..

Anyone else seen this?

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I haven't seen this in KSP, but its common for games to have little "sleight of hand" shortcuts like this. The devs could probably fix it, but it might cost in programming time or system resources to make it look perfect from every angle. I'm not sure of your age, but I remember back in the 90's before 3D acceleration was really catching on, many games had a fake 3D effect of placing a bunch of flat 2D panels so as to make the graphic display very similar to a cardboard cut-out. You could rotate the camera to have all vertical surfaces or horizontal surfaces be 1 pixel wide/tall making for some really interesting screenshots. I'm 35 so I see a huge graphical improvement over time, but if you are say 20, this effect from KSP probably looks like absolute garbage to you in a modern game. Like "how couldn't they notice this!?!?"

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@archiebald cant say I have ever seen that. then again, I have 2 or 3 captures under my belt, and that is including since they were a thing lol. The most recent I captured just up and vanished on me and I had it in a stable orbit around kerbin too. no clue where it went. Im chalking it up to a kraken snack.

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Hmm, I haven't really mined asteroids - I have captured them to be additional moons... But not really mined them aside from a test when they first came out.

I don't want to mine them because once you take ore out, you cant put it back...

Having a large but empty roid seems cheesy to me

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