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Returning veterans, what made you want to come back to KSP?

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I, along with most people I'm sure, have been noticing a good number of veteran players returning back to the game, with myself included. To all those coming back after whatever time you've been away, what brought you back? For me, I got disinterested for a while after around 1.2-ish, I can't remember exactly, and I came back just before the game released the breaking ground expansion, witch ultimately brought me back for good. Since then, I felt like I was having the same fun I was having when I first got the game, and with the newer quality of life features, like the maneuver node tweaks and kerbal engineer-like features, I feel like I'm better than I ever was with the game. (Note, in the past I had never downloaded anything like kerbal engineer, I thought they weren't necessary. While technically true, I don't think I could play properly now without things like a delta-v readout.) In summary, you could say I was brought back by features I have either wanted for a while, or didn't know I wanted.

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I can't say I ever 'went away' as such.  Though I have had several longish gaps where I haven't played.  Recently I lost inspiration to play and start any big 'projects' in anticipation  of KSP2, as well as having 'other stuff' to do, so hadn't played 'properly' for a few months.  But fired it up again today to get my fleet of survey probes in their orbits in preparation for more crewed  missions.

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KSP 2.

I quit so long ago I don't remember any particular reason for moving on... I just did. 

But months ago I caught wind that KSP2 was in the works and I remembered the game fondly - so I fired KSP up (mostly out of nostalgia) to remind myself what it's like & get ready for the next iteration. 

Found two things:

*. I still really like the game (perfect quarantine distraction) 

*. There is a great community here still willing to answer my dumb questions 



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I pretty much always come back and try to start a new save every few months, but I can never find any goal anymore that keeps me playing past the first 5-10 hours. I really want to find some combination of mods that's just right but I never can hit the sweet spot. I always end up frustrated with bugs or performance or lack of documentation. I will say that 1.9.1 seems to have much better performance than I was used to. 


But then after a while I got dismayed that a lot of good mods weren't updated from 1.8. So then I went back to 1.8 for a bit. But then I was upset that I was playing on an older version of the game. Then I realized I didn't like the tech tree I'd picked. And eventually like always, I fizzled out again.

I have 3000 hours and I've never done a kerballed mission to anywhere outside of kerbin except duna. My problem is I always want to do some kind of complex construction based save that makes stations and bases really useful and interesting but I haven't found the right combination of mods that doesn't end up driving me crazy. 

But anyway, I came back because I'll always come back. There's never really any specific reason except an itch that desperately needs scratched for a bit, before I remember why I never make it very far into a save anymore. 

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I stopped playing ksp roughly around when 1.3 was released because the version I was playing kept crashing and/or stuttering and I never bothered going interplanetary which meant I had nothing left to do.

I came back to the game just after 1.5.1, I discovered making history had released. The reason I returned was ksp got me interested in science and engineering when I first played it, and the thrills it gave me with things like the first Mun landing was something I was missing.  I really wanted to learn something new in a fun way through a game, and ksp did that so I returned. Now ksp is the game I play most often.

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