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How to make custom engine(And custome engine particle)

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So i had create engine model and how to make it generate thrust i know there are tutorial but i also want to create custom engine particle and these two conflict,And all those tutorial is for 2018 not 2020 and also ksp has changed to unity 2019 

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I may misunderstand your question but custom engine particles shouldn't conflict with anything - you would just add your particle effects to the engine instead of a pre-built Squad effect. As far as the old tutorials - They may still be valid - I haven't heard of any changes to that system - not to say there haven't been any.

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I've haven't played with this much (very little in fact) and didn't get anything I was happy with - so take with a large grain of salt. I made two empties in blender - a top level and an emitter point with the emitter empty as a child of the top level empty. I exported from Blender and into Unity where I added PartTools to the top level empty and a Particle System to the emitter empty. I then added a material to the particle system and used the partTools "Write" button to make my .mu file.

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