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What is the fastest land vehicle you have made?

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I've never really messed with rocket/jet vehicles, but my fastest wheel-driven rover hit around 80 m/s - it actually snapped off solar panels due to aerodynamic forces at speed.   It was tougher than the runway - lost one wheel (of 10) and kept going vs blowing up a runway section.  It was actually a mobile Mun mining base, but testing the prototype on Kerbin was more fun than using it for its intended role.


Deployed version on the Mun.  The forward Mk3 cargo bay hides a pair of Hitchhiker cans for crew quarters while the aft cargo bay holds a pair of large drills & convert-o-tron 250. 


Oh, and to answer the "did it explode" question - it rolled over multiple times at ~80 m/s, broke off all antenna & solar panels,  but was otherwise pretty much intact

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